Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A full car

Acadia National Park
Photo: Maine Office of Tourism
  We had a full car, four of us there,
we had room to squeeze in with little to spare.
On the way to appointments and meetings too,
we stopped on the way to pick up the crew.

We had Thomas and Jeff along with us two,
one going one way and three goes along too.
Drop off the three of us, and she gets the car,
and at the Dentist she's the guest star.

About one hour later while the three of us wait,
she's slightly delayed, but such is our fate.
We didn't wait long, but just long enough,
when back in the car, no room for fluff.

Drop two of them off, that leave me and her,
off to the Air Guard Base, my that car does purr.
Pick up a few groceries and we're headed home,
and so ends this tale of a three hour roam.

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