Saturday, December 26, 2009


....Christmas is over! Just like that!
according to Hollie, it's now old hat,
she is taking down her nice tree,
Valentines Day, on the way, you see.

That's where it ended on a Friday Night,
who were we, to put up a fight;
if she want's it over, then over it is,
you should have seen my card, that said Gee Whiz.

The cards a whole story unto itself,
bought by my wife, delivered by elf,
it shown a line of old cowboys, you see their backs,
as onto a fence, they empty their bladder sacks.

When I got up on Christmas morning, I was a little bit late,
slept until twelve-twenty (am), but that was my fate;
I drove on over to Saint Marys' school,
to an Alca-thon, those things do rule!

I got in five meetings, in the same number of hours,
the tables were decorated with small trees and flowers,
it was an incredible few hours spent with some friends,
I'd go to more, if there were any, but that depends.

And I pushed that button, as in every day,
to feed the wee critters, there's no other way,
for those shelter pets to get some good food,
I can't ignore them, that would be rude.

If you missed the big meeting, do not delay,
there are numerous meeting, held every day,
come on in and enjoy the great atmosphere,
when you leave, you'll be ready to cheer.

Enjoy - Boxing Day

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas...

Has Santa Claus been to your house tonight?

Did you ever expect such a wonderful sight?
Where you stockings really hung up with care?
You better be good, or he won't be there.

Now, I'm willing to bet, that you all have been good,
you were brought up that way, it's well understood;
if you were naughty, careless and easy to pout,
then you know you had better watch out!

Take care to spend time with those that you love,
and take time to thank "the keeper of the dove",
enjoy the company of old friends and new,
Merry Christmas to all, Merry Christmas to you!

Say hello and smile!
Make a new friend!
Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Did you...

...get the message? It's all the rage, don't frown,
something the kiddos have been waiting for, Santa Claus is comming to town!
I used to get excited, a long long time ago,
but now, all I want for Christmas, is no wind and no snow.

It's a beautiful season, one that people love,
what could possibly go wrong, when the symbol is a dove?
Oh sure, it's been commercialized, everybody knows,
and, over the years, there have been some awful Christmas shows.

But sit back and enjoy it, it's tomorrow you know,
some of us will be warm, and some will shovel snow.
There is no denying that people love the time,
when people rush about, and the music is set to chime.

But what about our "little buddies", those with fur and hair,
do you think that they deserve some nice Christmas fare?
It's easy to take care of, it's free, you do it on the web, keeps the critters fed.

The season can be a rather lonely time,
all the more reason, a good group to find;
there will be some meetings that go on all night long,
you'll always be wecomed in, if you come along.

Enjoy - Christmas Eve

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What about...

....that weather, we were supposed to get,
I've been up since eleven, haven't seen it yet!
Better not get to full of hope, it's winter time indeed;
so when the weather guy talks, we need to take heed.

But sometimes they're very wrong, at least a few,
so they missed the call on this one ---- Whew!
I will not complain, I will not stand and cheer,
because there are those, like me, who like their weather clear.

Now I can go out, to a meeting even,
no shoveling, no sand, no heavy breathing;
I guess we're really lucky, something went astray,
just the way I like it, I don't like the other way.

I'll go push that purple button, with my new found joy,
it'll be just like Santa Paws, for every girl and boy, (pet)
they might have a holiday season that's better than they hoped,
we just need to do our part, it's free, it must be scoped.

Do you go to the market, and pay money up front,
or do you select your items, and pay for them up front,
it's a play on words, carefully chosen verse,
just a reminder to put --- First Things First.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The calendar...

....says it's Tuesday, and the forecast indicates bleak,
so I better get this out, while I have the right to speak,
so I sit here, hunkered over, this plastic keyboard,
what am I going to say? What is the next word?

You know it's not always easy to do this every night,
but then again I started this, maybe I'm not just 'right';
but it's a fun thing to do, share my thoughts with you,
because mama said I couldn't write, but you can see I do.

It takes a little practice and making up some stuff,
but with a little patience it really isn't tough;
the rhyming comes to me easy, almost naturally,
so I write this thing in verse, I can do it readily.

And, of course, I can push a button, you know, the purple kind,
we always need to be aware, and keep our friends in mind;
they don't know it's me or you who helps provide their food,
but we know, you and I, it helps promote a good mood.

It has become common to see folks that aren't like 'us',
we need to accept them, without making such a fuss;
so they do things the way we don't, it doesn't make it wrong,
learn to Live and Let Live, it will make you look strong.

Smile! (the heck with the weather man)

Monday, December 21, 2009


....already? Well, it's about time,
I'm ready for a meeting, ring that chime!
My hip is feeling better, but it has a ways to go,
I would like to walk, why is healing slow?

Well it doesn't matter much, in the scheme of things,
and it doesn't matter much, when the work bell rings,
I like being retired, that means I don't have to work,
isn't it nice to walk around, but don't act like a jerk!

I'll do very little walking, maybe a mile,
even at that distance, it will make me smile,
I guess you'd say I'm addicted to my daily walk,
and if you listen carefully, that's most of my talk.

So, let's change to subject, that's enough about me,
let me try to stick, to things we all see;
go to Google and look it up: Faith the dog,
she walks on two legs, not like a regular dog!

Or look up things of your interest, there must be a few,
thank goodness for Google, it makes it easy to do;
or do something silly, who will give a damn,
it's your life, live it, the rest is just a sham.

But before you give it all up, there's one thing you can do,
push the purple button, lot's of other people do,
it sure helps the critters, they need to be fed;
don't put it off, you'll forget when it's time for bed.

Try to Keep It Simple, do one thing at a time,
don't try to complicate your life, or mine;
find the best way to accomplish what you do,
and the whole world will be proud of you.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Good morning... one and all, midnight just got here,
so I can say good morning without any fear,
I've been up an hour, don't get in a fright;
it's my routine, I do that every night.

Yesterday the phone rang, someone called to wish... happy birthday, and to give another dish;
yes - it was Hollie the "grand mistress of all",
now, just think about it, why would she call?

"So how you been?" "Happy Birthday Dad";
I got the feeling that I was about to be "had";
"Want to do something with me, tonight, Dad?"
"or, how about tomorrow" she can sound sad.

After I told her that my hip was sore,
and I didn't want to visit any store;
I passed the phone call to my wife
and Hollie proceeded to occupy my life.

New Years Day is a Friday,
usually a Friday Hollie day;
but there would be no program,
we'll spend more time together, what do you say?

If Dad and I go to lunch on January first,
we could just smile and talk, what could be worse?
So January first, she would like to say,
what are we going to do on -  Valentines Day!

You see she's always thinking, way ahead of you and I;
by Valentines it will be Easter, or the Fourth of July!
Then she believes in Christmas, the one in July,
or maybe a trip on Labor Day, believe me, this is not a lie.

So I had a happy birthday, and I had to smile,
I know what she was thinking, minute by the mile,
so if you need a "planner", just give me a call,
I can recommend someone, who is a real doll.

Have you pushed the purple button yet today?
I don't want to be nagging, but what do you say?
It's importand that we remember to do that every day,
the critters need that food and stuff, there is no other way.