Saturday, April 3, 2010

You just...

...have to love it, forty-seven degrees at night,
well. I waited long enough, so I guess it's alright;
pretty good weather, after all the rain,
which I know we need, but still find it a pain.

The Celtics gave away the game, while playing at home,
the record is awful, like they have a spine without bone;
they'll be in the playoffs, but that won't last long,
whoever they play has an advantage, Celtics legs are gone.

I writing at a table, upstairs in my room,
moved it up here yesterday, while the floor gets groomed,
Monday the carpet will be torn out and thrown,
then the new flooring, and my mind will be blown.

First, it's Saturday, a Hollie Day at that,
guess I better get ready, what with Easter and all that,
she'll come out all excited, smiling and say..., Dad, how you been?, see nothing goes away!

First I'll make some coffee, a trip downstairs for that,
eat a little breakfast, careful, don't get fat;
but I first push some buttons, while they're on my mind,
no special order, just all of them I find.

And be kind to you neighbors, they're not all that bad,
just some kiddos, a mom and a dad,
sure their skin is different, or maybe it's like yours,
that really doesn't matter - now go about your chores.


Friday, April 2, 2010


...degrees, at midnight?
going "all the way down" to thirty-nine, by mornings light,
wow - what a difference a day with sun can make,
after the rain was gone, and Rhode Island is a lake.

Up here we were lucky, there were no floods,
and I noticed yesterday the trees now have buds,
the crocus is in flower, purple and white;
what more could I ask, this is all right.

Busy day today, in the morning any way,
buying the flooring, work is getting underway;
new floor in the living room, no more carpet for us,
even though it's work, to us it is a plus.

Of course some stuff still needs to be moved,
and then the new desk, ahh, we'll be improved,
you know, of course, it's a change of plans,
there won't be any meeting, Oh! What about my fans?

That was a joke!  Fans are few and far between,
I wonder if one of them is Englands Queen?
You don't suppose that, some way, she found out,
just how great I am, will she give my a shout?

Wouldn't that be funny, the look on her face,
if that were to happen, here or anyplace,
you see, I live in fantasy, it keeps me nice and sane,
maybe until, the Secret Service takes me on a plane.

Have a great day!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's still...

...odd not to go for a walk,
but - I still can have coffee and talk,
and go to a meeting, set up and take down,
that's just what I do, when I go to town.

Yesterday was the same old basic stuff,
but, I watched the Yankees get beat - poor babies, that's tough!
My hands got sore, what with the clapping,
and my midriff suffered, for all the laughing.

That's just a pre-season game, let's hope their always that lame,
meanwhile downstate the Red Sox won - Hey! Isn't this all just a game?
Sometimes it is and sometimes it's not,
just wait for August, when the going get's hot.

Meanwhile the Celtics lost - just found a way,
but hey, what's a loss, just a few games to play,
they'll be in the playoffs - for the first round,
then they'll go home, heads hanging down.

Today won't be anything more,
then yesterday, or the day before,
I've got to hang in there, and rest up my body,
afterall I'm a long way from when I was forty.

Time to make coffee!!!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It was....

...just a little weird, not to go for a walk,
well, at least I have my voice, so I can talk.
The knee felt better after a night rest,
the rest will continue, before I dare test.

The rest of my world continues just fine,
coffee and meetings, they don't take much time;
working on the Rooster, and Iris too,
and the ballgames, almost to much to do.

Of course there's basketball,
it is March after all;
and more to be seen in April, I recall,
it's been an interesting year for basketball.

There are important things to do too,
like pushing buttons, for a second or two;
go to,
push some buttons, and play along.

It's not always easy to treat people right,
some are nice and some want to fight,
telling the difference, or drawing a line,
use your good judgement, you'll do just fine.

The rain might stop!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It could.... the beginning of the very end,
my walking days might have gone 'round the bend;
with a mile to go on my first route....
...yesterday, my knee was on it's way out.

There was some sudden pain,
and that slowed me down, I was racing rain,
the thing would bend okay, but it really hurt,
but resting overnight, it feels okay, but ready to hit the dirt.

I'll need to take it easy, for a week or so,
then I'll try it out - to see if it will go,
and I'll make a point of not going to far,
so I don't have a mile to go, to get to my car.

So, I'll find some other interest to last me for a while,
it might be soon or never, when I walk another mile,
but it was sure good while it lasted, it's sad to see it go,
but on the bright side, it could start again I know.

I read something yesterday, it lit up a light,
let me try to remember, I hope I get it right.
Something along the lines, of the easy way to do things,
is to take it easy, do the first thing first, and see what that brings.

Don't forget the buttons!

Monday, March 29, 2010


...pendulum has swung,
I've gone down another rung,
no matter how the song is sung,
sleep, from me has been wrung.  (phew!)

A difference of two and a half hours sleep,
ten thirty today, one yesterday, how could I possibly keep...
....track of the way that it goes,
will I ever get normal hours, who knows.

So while I'm up for the day, so it seems,
I'll have more hours, in my dreams,
there's no need to fight it now,
no need for me to have a cow!

I guess, then, that I'll just go,
push some buttons, at the top, not below,
it's not hard to choose which one,
I press them all, while there on the run.

Goodnight, Jon-boy

Sunday, March 28, 2010

This sleeping... stuff has just got to stop,
kind of throws me off, it's over the top!
But maybe it's better than the day before,
when ten thirty PM came to my door.

I never know when the hammer will fall,
it'll hit the bell with my wake up call,
one things for sure I don't need an alarm,
I can make most appointments without any harm.

Yesterday the weather took a turn for the worst,
cold north wind, it just came in bursts,
and it was thirteen degrees when I started my walk,
today looks much better, but it's written with chalk.

I'll go do my walking maybe above five,
take a coffee break and keep going, it keeps me alive;
and then do some errands, all over town,
then I'll come home and have a set down.

The Red Sox are on with the Twins at one,
so I'll need to make sure to have everything done,
I'll watch the game and see how they do,
they lost yesterday, with the new pitcher too.

But before that all starts, there's something now,
push those buttons and we all know how.
I'll start with the animals then go to rainforest,
breast cancer, books and food for the poorest.

Live and Let Live, that's what I believe,
it's none of my business what others may leave,
if it's not some kind of criminal act,
they live their lives, I live mine, that's a fact.

Enjoy, the spingtime