Saturday, September 5, 2009

Oh, my gosh...

...what a night,
I got up early all right,
just at ten thirty I rose,
that's life, it's the way that it goes.

The coffee maker rebelled,
my fault, put together not too well,
so I have to wait, while another pot I make;
'til I have some I won't be wide awake.

Off to Augusta with Hollie today,
an enjoyable trip, I should say,
better fix my outlook on life,
so it won't cause any strife.

I guess when the day starts bad,
there are better things to be had;
If I remember Easy Does It,
that just about does it, don't it?


Friday, September 4, 2009

Some people wonder....

...what came first, was it the chicken or the egg,
I don't know either, but I beg;
to differ from that, at least I can use;
what came first the dynamite or the fuse.

Well, Peggy went shopping yesterday,
she says "I'll try to hurry", but there's no way,
she could hurry at all, and there's no need;
she checks it all out, pays the clock no heed.

I didn't take long, we were done in two hours,
I was just along for the ride, the time was ours.
Maybe I'm lucky, because I say,
monthly is enough, wouldn't do it every day.

Let's go feed the critters, they need some food,
to ignore that fact to me seems rude;
they didn't ask to be hungry and scared,
it could be worse if none of us cared.

And if you need speed and a burst,
always remember, First Things First.
That a great motto - use it today,
well, I guess that's all I have to say.

Have a wonderful day

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I never...

....would have thunk it, it took me by surprise,
it was twelve this morning before I opened my eyes,
holy jumping hubcaps, what's that all about;
I don't know if or ever I can figure that one out.

Yesterday the walking was really good,
but near the end of the first one, I didn't feel like I should,
"sugar drop", it slowed me down, but I could keep going.
Then to Dunkin' Donuts, that got my belly showing!

The meeting was terrific, what more can I say;
but - there seems to be a good one, almost every day!
It's so good to be going - to those meetings again,
by now, of course, it seems like they have always been.

I've pushed the purple button, for those of you who know,
if not just use this link: then away you go,
it's easy and it's simple, and such a giving touch;
you'll wonder why you've never -- used it much.

If you ever get the feeling, that on earth you're just a pimple,
always remember this -- Keep it Simple!
First Things First, remember now?
as my young boy used to say "that's the how!"

Enjoy the day

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The weather... so nice now just the way I like it,
cool in the night and mornings before the sun is lit.
It's good to go walking, just around dawn,
'course it helps to get up early, is that where the line is drawn?

I get up real early, or maybe it's really late,
whatever causes me do it that? Guess it's just my fate.
So I can write these jingles and a thought or two,
I've found I really like it, how about you?

Yesterday I walked just over six miles,
then we went to buy apples, you should see the smiles,
there were two kinds to pick from, it's still early you know,
some kinds of apples need cool weather to finish the grow.

And the meeting that I went to, it was good for me,
there's always something that was said, maybe to only me;
things that I can grasp and use, always said just so,
things that really matter. Ain't that why we go?

Please be mindful of the fact,
the purple button needs a whack,
and remember that people too are in need,
help feed them for your good deed.

Easy Does It

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Don't you...

..hate it when the other guys right?
And you didn't even put up a fight,
so when the bad stuff turns into good;
be grateful the way that you should.

I was up just before eleven, or so,
and there was time to pass before I could go;
then I walked about five and a half miles,
walking just don't go out of style.

And the meeting was really a good one,
when they're like that it is fun,
well, at least for most, but not all,
as for me? Well I had a ball!

Why not push that button of choice,
give the critters cause to rejoice;
most of us eat our "three squares",
don't you think it's time they got theirs?

And sometimes when things get you down,
there's more to do than worry or frown,
remember this little bit, about if you get you have to give;
and please don't forget this: "Live and let live".

Yee Haw

Monday, August 31, 2009

Some days...

...there's not much to report,
I spent yesterday watching a sport.
It was baseball, Red Sox, that shared the sun,
and the good thing about it, is that they won.

I did go walk in the morning, just light,
saw two deer in a swamp, a delight.
I am able to pick up the pace
with new shoes that now I can lace;

I walked just over four miles,
it's great, my feet were all smiles.
So, it pays when you shop around,
the right shoes were finally found!

Why not give that button a try,
it's at drop by.
And while you're at it, doing good,
help your neighbors, you should.

Today has a walking start,
and don't miss the good meeting part;
I'm ready to go right now I'm in a hurry,
but it's just about 6 hours too early.

Have a great day!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

I hope... doesn't rain today,
I've had enough of that I say,
not a great fan of a rainy day,
it would rain at night, if I had my say.

So not much was done of any import;
not even a chance to appear in court,
that wouldn't be funny if it was real;
but it's not, is just doesn't appeal.

Maybe today there'll be time for a walk,
that would take some hours from the clock.
There is no baseball until tonight,
when I'll be asleep, out like a light.

But I pushed the button today, at least;
I hope you too will conquer the beast,
and maybe you'll try your very best,
not to yell at your neighbor, give it a rest!

If there are problems that won't go away,
just don't invite them all to stay,
there was ways that can deal with that kind of thing,
meetings, then books, and a telephone ring.

Have a great day