Saturday, October 11, 2014

Delicious Dodge

Vickie's 1966 Coronet
Photo: Mike Berry, The Wichita Eagle
  Vickie and her husband Ryan decided to restore her first car a 1996 Dodge Coronet 2 door.  The results are some super!  The car shines like it was brand new, and I would imagine, it draws plenty of looks and second looks on the street.  This is a class act inside and out.
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A peek at the interior
Photo: Mike Berry, The Wichita Eagle

Friday, October 10, 2014

Just another day. Almost.

Winterport, 2012
Photo: the geezer hisself
No.  It's not just another day,
probably it's like some others in every way.
My back is acting up like it has before,
I'm in for the duration, but it's sore.

I have an appointment at four PM,
but not for my back, it may work by then.
And my mouth is still sore and without teeth,
Am I going to get out from underneath?

Oh, yeah.  I'll bet better in just a few days,
but not by laying outdoors in the suns rays.
It's about thirty-five degrees right now,
but it's not snowing, no need for a plow!

I'll keep you informed in my usual manner,
and not by an airplane towing a banner.
So keep tuned in, things will improve,
it's just that right now it's hard to move.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

I shouldn't trust myself...

Tan and blue lobsters caught this week
Photo: Paula Roberts, Lincoln County (Maine) News

                        ...or, I could learn to read,
there's been some confusion from where this can lead.
I'm being treated for a problem, it's called Thrush,
for about a week I guess, there really is no rush.

I have white spots and sore inside my big mouth,
and sometimes have to go without teeth, makes me sound like a louth.
The confusion lies with a simple fact about one inhaler,
I thought one had a steroid, but my knowledge could not have been paler.

It was the other one and not the one I thought,
so I didn't rinse like I should, it leads to this plot.
Now I know, well sort of, which one is the other,
maybe, after all, I should have listened to my mother.

Let us remember this month

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Digging up bones. Whale bones.

Volunteers in the hole
Photo: Tim Cox, Bangor Daily News
  A whale washed ashore on Mowry Beach in Lubec, Maine 20 years ago.  It was buried on the spot as a means of disposal.  Now a group of volunteers, mostly students, are digging through the remains for the bones.  The bones will be re-assembled and shown in a local museum.
  Staff of the College of the Atlantic and the University of Maine, Machais are supervising the work done mostly by students.  It is not an easy task, the remains still smell strongly of the rotting flesh of the 54 foot long Finback Whale.  But work is progressing at each low tide.
A vertebra
Photo: Tim Cox, Bangor Daily News
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Tagging the finds.
Photo: Tim Cox, Bangor Daily News


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A country fair and life events

Autumn says "goodbye" to Pedro
Photo: Troy R Bennett, Bangor Daily News
  At the fairs in Maine each year there are auctions that sell off the beef and lamb raised by kids, usually in the 4H programs, it's a life altering event sometimes.  Like Autumn in the photo the kids have to say goodbye to a good chunk of their young life's work.  I went through the experience with three sheep of my own.  I still won't eat mutton or lamb, but then again I never liked it to begin with.
  Here at the Fryeburg Fair, the last held in Maine each year, there were auctions and other things that involve animals.  Horses work pulling, along with oxen.  Hens, rooster, rabbits and all other types of animals are a large part of the whole affair.
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Dock and Trouble get some exercise.
Photo: Troy R Bennett, Bangor Daily News
October is Domestic Violence Month

Monday, October 6, 2014

The Navy's navies

An Unmanned Patrol Boat in trials.
Photo: U S Navy, John F Williams
  The U S Navy has successfully shown off it's new Unmanned Patrol Boat in trials held near Washington DC.
  The boats are a means of protection for Navy Ships during things such as at-sea refueling.  The new boats can be used to form "swarms" to protect a group of ships or an area of territory, and I'm guessing, minesweeping operations.
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Unmanned boats getting ready to swarm
Photo: U S Navy, John Paul Kotara

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Stuck in the middle, again

Here we are, with two missing
Photo: Kim Cooper
Any resemblance ?
  It's not a good day.  I'm stuck in the middle again.  No.  Not in the photo but in a new article.  In this mornings Bangor Daily News-online is an article which describes a welcome home ceremony for Vietnam Vets.  Number one:  It was for all Vietnam Vets in Maine.  Really?  Nobody announced it ahead of time except maybe to some organizations like the Legion or VVA.  I didn't know about it.
Number two:  When I read the comments about the article it was divided by two things; one-called us baby killers and dirty rats, the other was from an Army Vet who said if you weren't on the ground in country you aren't a Vietnam Vet.  I was on the water and in direct support in the air.  So---am I a Vietnam vet or not?  Am I a baby killer? No.  Am I pissed off? Yes.
It's Domestic Violence Awareness Month