Thursday, October 9, 2014

I shouldn't trust myself...

Tan and blue lobsters caught this week
Photo: Paula Roberts, Lincoln County (Maine) News

                        ...or, I could learn to read,
there's been some confusion from where this can lead.
I'm being treated for a problem, it's called Thrush,
for about a week I guess, there really is no rush.

I have white spots and sore inside my big mouth,
and sometimes have to go without teeth, makes me sound like a louth.
The confusion lies with a simple fact about one inhaler,
I thought one had a steroid, but my knowledge could not have been paler.

It was the other one and not the one I thought,
so I didn't rinse like I should, it leads to this plot.
Now I know, well sort of, which one is the other,
maybe, after all, I should have listened to my mother.

Let us remember this month

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