Sunday, October 5, 2014

Stuck in the middle, again

Here we are, with two missing
Photo: Kim Cooper
Any resemblance ?
  It's not a good day.  I'm stuck in the middle again.  No.  Not in the photo but in a new article.  In this mornings Bangor Daily News-online is an article which describes a welcome home ceremony for Vietnam Vets.  Number one:  It was for all Vietnam Vets in Maine.  Really?  Nobody announced it ahead of time except maybe to some organizations like the Legion or VVA.  I didn't know about it.
Number two:  When I read the comments about the article it was divided by two things; one-called us baby killers and dirty rats, the other was from an Army Vet who said if you weren't on the ground in country you aren't a Vietnam Vet.  I was on the water and in direct support in the air.  So---am I a Vietnam vet or not?  Am I a baby killer? No.  Am I pissed off? Yes.
It's Domestic Violence Awareness Month

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