Saturday, December 5, 2009

Today is...

...a Hollie Day, and it's her Birthday too,
guess I'll be busy, being told what to do!
We are going out, to have a good time,
she'll be excitied right out of her mind.

She asked for a cake, decorated white and green,
the whole thing is Celtics, the basketball team;
other gifts she has asked for share the same theme,
all out for the Celtics, and a championship dream.

Even though I'm busy (not really) getting ready to go,
I'm smart enough (who says?) to know this dog and pony show;
been there, done that - that's what I can say,
but how do I know if things are the same - today?

If it ever happens that things get out of line,
and everythings not pretty at this certain time,
what do you think of, if you're losing your mind;
why not just take it - One Day at a Time?

Friday, December 4, 2009


...human tricks abound,
I guess, as long as I'm around!
I just got up, and it was midnight,
that gave me quite a fright.

I stayed up late, until after five thirty,
and the result was...well, it ain't purty!
Or maybe it is, so hard to tell,
Do you habits are going to hell?

I know, I know...this all sounds really weird,
but all my sleep stuff, is all you heard,
guess I got off topic, sorry 'bout that,
talking about that stuff, well..that's old hat.

Did you remember the animal site?
You have it in 'favorites' now, is that right?
You can feed them, for less than a penny,
without you...they don't have any.

And how about people, do you really care?
Have you got any resources to share?
Maybe a shelter, or an organization,
there's a lot of need now, in our nation.

And Live and Let Live, doesn't mean you do nothing,
it simply means all people have rights to do something.
Maybe it's something you with which don't agree,
but if it's legal it's their right, don't you see?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

They're HEAR!

....excuse the (mis-spelling), and I'm a happy man,
they're in, they work, and that was the plan,
I notice the difference in how things sound,
will see how they work as I go around.

The trip down to Togus turned into a ride,
down to Damariscota, for the incoming tide;
a short visit there and back on the road,
headed for home, ears on overload.

Now that I should be able to hear,
all of the songs and things I hold dear,
that includes my loving wife too,
now she can really tell me, what to do.

Please don't forget to push that button too,
the one that should look purple to you,
those animals depend on your select push,
so please, go feed, get off your tush.

Meeting today should really be good,
now that I can hear everyone I should,
I'll be the greeter, and shake hands too,
I can happily say, This Chair is for You!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009


...December second has arrived, just in time too;
hearing aids today, so I can hear you!
It's kind of exciting (can you tell?), but time will tell,
one my great hope is: that they work well.

I am guilty of sleeping in - again, what is to blame,
twelve fifteen this morning, I have no shame;
It doesn't matter to me at all, well, now that I'm up,
but it feels kind of funny, guess it's my good luck.

Did you remember?

What ever happened to pure blind luck?
Don't ask me because I'm a dumb cluck,
but I can remember reading a sign,
it said:  One Day at a Time!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

When it's....

...sleepy time down south,
has nothing to do with me, you have it word of mouth;
I don't know who wrote that, I have an idea.
sure didn't make it up, for my ears to hear.

Of course, I don't hear much, nor do I sleep,
find the guy that wrote it, give it back, tell him keep;
it's utter nonsense to think anyone is glad,
to sing about sleep, if they do, they've been had!

Meeting today, to which I'm looking forward,
always a treat, learning, sharing, not bored;
we have a wonderful time most every day,
please come and join us - what do you say?

Feed the critters, including a cow,, will show you how;
you might think that it's not for you,
but you might compare it, if you're hungry too.

At the meeting there are people who share,
not to lecture, but to show that they care,
you live your life and they will live theirs,
Live and Let Live, the slogan that cares.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Well, well....

...well!  I didn't know I could sleep this late,
eleven forty -five and now I'm alive?
There must be some horrible mistake,
to make me sleep so long before I awake.

It sure wasn't because of exertion,
because after four and a half miles, there was walking desertion;
that I did nothing but watch some TV,
and there was no work in the room with me.

I suppose strange things happen now and again,
the surprise part is that you never know when.
So maybe I just needed the rest,
don't ask questions, mother nature knows best.

Please, this is just a reminder, don't forget,
to push the button, you could be feeding your pet;
so if you enjoy how someone elses money is spent,
go push the button, they'll know where it went.

And always remember that you have a choice,
you alone have your own voice,
you could choose to delay, something you will regret,
so don't put it off, but Easy Does It.  (this doesn't rhyme well at all)


Sunday, November 29, 2009

When I...

...get up at ten-thirty, everything seems okay,
that's how it is with the sleep phase stuff, it's just another day.
But now I've had some coffee, and a little oatmeal,
let's go back and look, what did Hollie Day reveal?

So, how you doing Dad, the usual refrain,
while we ride to stop one, on the Hollie train;
go to McDonalds' no wait, stop, yes,
so to McDonalds it is, a small breakfast.

Next stop, do you have to ask?, It's Walmart of course,
keep the train on schedule please, just feed the source.
Well, not too bad, a magazine and a DVD,
Seventeen the movie, and I wonder what she'll see.

Then, it's early, off to Target, this one a minor shrine,
we just left the major one, but this one will do fine,
she's looking for an ornament for her Christmas tree,
oh look, there it is, Hello Kitty-snowman, it's a gift from me.

Then to the most holy of all Bangor shrines,
the red signs, a signal, through the Staples shines;
eight projects meld with plastic done at high degrees,
This is what it's all about!  This is what she sees.

Then we go, dare me, to the dreaded Mall,
if you've seen one, believe me, you have seen them all;
into Olympia Sports, but nothing there today,
several other stop were made, bought zero hooray!

Time for lunch, the train head accross town,
we make our destination, food!, another train stop down!
Good food at Subway, it's is always fresh,
then off to see what's going on, what's hot off the press.

We have been in about four stores, and a craft fair too,
only have one purchase, my god, we missed a few;
we spent one dollar, then on the trains final drive,
"I did good today Dad", she said, I came out alive.

But now, a different topic, you know what it is,
got that finger ready? Now push! You're such a whiz,
you done the critters good, how about yourself?
You've almost won a trophy to put up on a shelf.

Was there someone missing, the last meeting you went to?
Is there someone to check on, yes I mean you.
If they come back again, do you know what to do?
All you have to say to them, is, this chair is for you!