Saturday, January 1, 2011

She came...

...out ready to go,
so let's just get on with the show,
some iced coffee and a snack,
then - she began her attack.

I must point out one thing,
she didn't want too much of a fling;
just part of the usual stuff,
still - that's quite enough.

Off to Wal-Mart, that has to be,
looking for whatever she might see;
a magazine - a very good choice,
a cd, more magazine talk than I can voice.

First ride in Hollie Theme Park,
 We pasted some stuff together,
with the ease as when you talk about weather,
then she was ready for the Grand Fantastic,
get that treasure encased in plastic!

the next ride..
 That done we wandered around,
wondering where we would hit ground,
she's decided to just go next door,
to Borders your friendly book store.

Fifteen dollars lighter by now,
we took on the next sacred cow,
where to go for our lunch,
although I had a hunch... would be breakfast for lunch,
and I was right, just for once.
Off we go in a magical motion,
food is no fly in the lotion.

Governors is the perfect place,
take you time, please, no need to race;
the food is good, the service is great,
and I won't be broke at this rate.

A favorite ride.
But, today, we just didn't go home,
I had one more skill I could hone,
off we went to the Bangor FCU, kind of banks,
teach her how to cash checks and say thanks.

She'll be doing her own, for a while,
it was time that she walked that mile,
it was a scary thought that she had,
that when she went in - they'd be mad.

So by now my brain is a-kilter,
sorely in need of a sort of filter,
but I've drawn a map, in colorful inks,
this shows you, how I think, she thinks.

Brain waves

Friday, December 31, 2010

Last night...

...was better, I don't know why,
but around four, I caught a few winks on the fly;
slept until two, then there was no more,
so, time to get up, it's no time to snore.

Did you get the hint a couple of days ago,
the one about the web-site where we can go..
..and make free donations and do some good.
You did? Thanks, I knew you would.

Today is a Hollie day, and we're going light,
don't get stuck in that traffic out there tonight,
the weather is mild, for this time of year,
but we won't go far, we'll stay quite near.

Still going to Staples, to plastic things in,
in case you've been wondering where we have been,
I'll write here tomorrow and fill you all in,
then maybe next week, we'll do it all over again.

Drive Safe!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm disappointed...'s happening again,
getting up so early, like I don't know where I've been,
falling asleep too soon, during the six o'clock news,
I've been thinking I could beat this thing, at least I had those views.

I don't want to relapse into that pattern again,
want to be awake longer, but I know where I've been;
so probably that will be just the way things go,
so we'll just wait and see, kind of dread it though.

This is me at 1:00AM!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's been...

What the page looks like

...a while, since we've talked about this,
how, for nothing, you can give great gifts;
the web-site about is how it's all done,
but we need more help, more than just one.

Those tabs at the top are what you use,
in any order, from reds to blues,
and on each page there's a big button to push,
it costs you nothing, and you can sit on your tush.

Whether you like libraries or pets,
this is as easy as giving gets,
pain free and simple, even I use it,
and there's no way I know for me to abuse it.

They need your help

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Gas prices still bite!
...maybe, we got lots of wind and snow,
maybe fourteen inches, but boy, did it blow;
gusts to 46 and steady at twenty-four,
all of that made it nice, to not open a door.

So blizzard maybe, or a regular storm,
but we were safe inside, and nice and warm,
we didn't lose power, the way we sometimes do,
and my neighbor cleaned my car!  oh, wah-hoo!

Sometimes, in town, I think like this!

I know this is Maine, but it still applies

Monday, December 27, 2010


Go for a ride!
...warning?  Or just a snowstorm,
just be careful, and try to stay warm,
it's winter in Maine, and it snows,
it's a lot in one day, and it shows.

But it's winter, it's bound to snow,
and, yes, if you're careful, you can go;
it the roads are plowed, and you clear off the car,
if none of that's done - then you won't get far.
Looking for food

Snow on the Maine coast

Sunday, December 26, 2010

So this is Christmas?...

Six truck drivers, three trucks and escorts,
chumming on Christmas as cohorts,
stuck in Maine with a mission to do,
but the rules of the road, won't let them thru.

But on Monday, after Christmas of course,
the permits are allowed, they can get on their horse,
going to Buffalo to load up a barge,
but the ice is now in, the plan needs a charge.

These trucks are loaded, 122 thousand pounds,
too heavy for the interstates, they're out of bounds,
so it's off through the country all across the state lines,
all permitted, of course, so there'll be no fines.

So truck through to Utah, with these heavy loads,
not on the interstate but using small roads;
the towers of windmills secure is the load,
the only danger is the condition of road.

So they were away this Christmas doing their work,
the rooms they rent are their only perk;
so it's missing the family on this holiday,
let us all hope that they've earned their pay!

My thanks and/or apologies to the Lewiston, Maine Sun Journal

A late note: Most of Maine is under a blizzard warning for Sunday night and Monday - there will be more delay, I expect.

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