Saturday, October 16, 2010

Temples... Japan are usually Buddhist but some also have Shinto Shrines,
most of them are old, built centuries ago, and the sun still shines...
...on them and they glow with the knowledge that has passed..
..through the doors and walls, and wait for peace at last.

Relief from human suffering can take many paths,
and so the Monks and Priests have hope that it may last,
but men aren't always kind, worldly ways exist,
so on prayer wheels spin the wishes on ever growing lists.
chouzubachi to purify, by washing hands when entering a Temple.

The gate at an ancient Temple in Kyoto

This Temple is on Oahu, Hawaii
A garden that surrounds a Temple, note the stone Shrine.
Note: Switching to new medications, seems to have offered some relief (so far).

Friday, October 15, 2010

Japanese Shrines....

...can be found, seemingly everywhere,
they have a purpose, to those that show they care,
some are very small, a kind you'd have at home,
while others, quite large, are a tribute to the throne.

Some of them have 'gates', or torii to be correct,
built in a certain way, they serve to connect...
..the present and the past, in a variety of ways,
put the purpose, always present, never, never strays.

A Shrine in Tatton Park.
Yasukuni Shrine, in Tokyo.
The famous "floating" torii at Itsukushima Shrine
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Japanese gardens....

...have a very formal look,
but they can be hap-hazard and still go by the book,
it's all about appearance, and how they make you feel,
and everything is balanced, like a sharp edge of steel.

The sand or small stones are rake, part of the pattern too,
the grass and trees are trimmed just so, just to please you;
color and light in tandem, work hard to overcome....
...the tired emotions, and make you feel welcome.

Reflecting pools are common in large spaces, living art.

More beauty is added by the season.

Sand is 'arranged' to soothe the soul.  Does it work?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


...Japan, has a shrine, maybe several, wonderful to see,
There is the Daibutsu, or large sitting Buddha, not far from the sea;
and the gardens that surround, all are very large and clean,
and you can have a picnic with your favorite soy bean.

There is an open temple, a forest of bamboo,
and visitor accommodations made especially for you;
I've climbed up inside the Daibutsu, and got a special view,
and had a picnic in a garden, you could go there too.

Top:  Sakura, or Cherry Blossoms
Middle: The Daibutsu.
Bottom:  The Open Temple

Remarks: I am feeling better, but it's not over yet.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Larry has...

..bronchitis, and needs to rest.

Monday, October 11, 2010


...Japan, the city near the base of Mount Fuji, which people want to climb,
come to this town to start, then they're clinging like a vine;
it may be worth the trip, but I never did,
and when you make a visit, don't keep you camera hid.

I did stay here for a couple of days,
it was in the fall and there wasn't much haze;
you could see the mountain, it was covered with snow,
and that may be the reason, that I didn't go.
 Here is the Sotoba in one of the gardens, it can have two names.
it's a Stupa, or a shrine, it contains relics, maybe some human remains;
the remains of a "great teacher" or the Buddha himself,
and some holy items of the men.  Do they put them on a shelf?
 Mount Fuji is majestic in the fading light,
someone got lucky, with the moon and sunset light,
looks like a prime photo, of someone who knew...
how to use a camera, and tried something new.
This is the Peace Garden, where people can go,
carefully composed, the placements done just so;
There's not a lot of open space, but people can go out,
to the gardens and parks, or a fountain's water spout.

Enjoy!  We could be naka yoshi!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Way back... the Forties, Beechcraft made a plane,
a tail dragger, that looked good then, now is kind of plain,
versatile and lasting, probably some here still,
utility's the word, these planes never made a kill.

I think they were called, SNJ, sounds right,
or, maybe SNB, whatever, they were light;
you may still see one, flown from place to place,
but probably you'll never see one winning a race.

You expect Amelia Earhart to step down from one of these,
put on here scarf and fly over the trees,
up in the blue sky, she flies level and straight,
I'd sure love to see that.  Wouldn't that be great?