Saturday, March 12, 2011

Futile efforts of my mind...


Sometimes I like to imagine that I can sit and think,
forgetting that my ideas often really stink;
There are many problems that I cannot solve,
in order for me to do that I would have to evolve.

So when I use the phrase "computer problem", it only means one thing,
it's me sitting in wonder, as to why my bell don't ring,
the problems with computers are usually human thinking terror,
and then after that, well, we hate to say it human error!

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore....

Bridalveil Falls-click
...Michigan, on the shore of Lake Superior, we have quite a find,
formations so inviting, they're meant to sooth the mind,
waters from the streams add to the lake at different points,
running from the forest, Mother Nature anoints.

It's a peaceful place up on the U. P.
but it's worth the drive to see all that you can see,
there are walking trails, and rock climbs if you choose,
certainly a visit, one where you couldn't lose.
Castle Rocks (hoodoos)-click
Chapel Beach, Lake Superior-click

adding water to the lake - click

Friday, March 11, 2011

No good news..., I have technical problems (computer) no blog today.  Larry

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Parashant National Monument....

Paintbrush in sandstone
...Arizona, one million acres on the edge of Grand Canyon park,
come camp in the desert, do it on a lark;
so much land, it looks empty but it's not,
look at the photos to see what it's got.

Natural beauty will surround you here,
with a few other people and a small herd of deer;
the land sits ready, waiting just for you,
well that, and some other people too.
..morning sunlight..-click
a long way to the bottom-click
Parashant Grand Wash-click

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Padre Island National Seashore....

Sunrise on the Gulf - click
...Texas, if you like beaches and sand dunes and surf,
we might be approaching your favorite place on earth,
it's where they let turtles hatch, and have camping on a beach,
and it's not too far away, it's within an easy reach.

Cooled by Gulf breezes, or heated by the sun,
if you love those white sand beaches, this may be the one;
roam around the sand dunes, or sun bathe if you must,
you'd really like it here, words you trust.
Some of the dunes - click
Hatched and headed for the water
A stretch of beach - click

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oregon Caves National Monument...

The entry-click
..Oregon, near the California border, there are caves,
not to be expected, but this one draws raves;
hidden in the forest or very large trees,
are these caverns, not everybody sees.

It may be worth a visit, if you're into this stuff,
but personally I find, one trip is quite enough,
of course I'm not wild about walking under ground,
and the one in Kentucky is the best that I have found.

What it looks like inside

Waterfall nearby, made it worth the "trip".

Monday, March 7, 2011

Olympic National Park day three....

Hurricane Ridge-click
...we're back, again, couldn't bear to leave,
me or Mother Nature, who will you believe?
There's so much to show you, in so little time,
maybe I'll build a house, and just call this place mine.

Mountains high or streams below,
or trails through trees, we all go slow,
so much to see, and think about here,
so we slow down, don't run like deer.

Gold Beach-click

Evergreen grove-click

Point of Arches-click

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Olympic National Park day two...

Badger Valley-click
...we can't leave, there is more to see,
from the high mountain, to the shining sea;
it wouldn't seem right to leave all this unseen,
so we'll hang around, until we know where we've been.

Trying to walk, just in the easy places,
but if we keep it up, we'll all be in braces;
the terrain is kind of hard, so photos is what we see,
thanks to all of those who wander as high as can be.

Sol Duc Falls (saw the trail yesterday)-click

Elwha River road-click

Sunset at Shi Shi Beach-click