Saturday, June 6, 2009


......avoid the place if you can! What a day yesterday, the drive down to Augusta was nice, I took 104 from Waterville into Augusta, nice quite country road, enjoyable. Of course by the time I got there (Augusta) it had been more than 20 minutes since the last time , so I had to go! I stopped at WalMart (I have never liked the Augusta store) the bathroom was down to one spot with a line; so on to Hannaford - restrooms closed for renovations! Oh well, go to Shaws, and, and, restrooms being renovated one uni-sex bathroom available, quite a line of men and women. Up to road to Target, ahhhh!. I went to Motel 6 where I had made online reservation and then had called the Augusta location to request a non-smoking room. Of course it being (where else) in Augusta nobody had bothered to write that down, got a smoking room, stunk to high heaven! With the help of the A/C fan it was made breathable (barely), and I was off to Togus. I stopped at Tim Hortons for coffee so I would be awake for my hearing test, it was scheduled at 4PM, and I ordered a plain donut - to be honest it was disappointing, it's the only stale thing I have every been served at a Tim's, and I've been (with Hollie) to every one from Presque Isle to Biddeford! The Togus part of the trip went really well, however I'm sure I failed the hearing test - probably when I had to ask the doctor to repeat his name! I really didn't to well at all - of course that's the reason I was there. I will get my results in one to four months (I know that's a long time but this is the VA after all). After sleeping six hours, and enjoying to atmosphere for another hour or so at smokeys I checked out and went to Tim Hortons (just for coffee), I ordered a small black coffee for inside - I was served a coffee with cream and sugar in a paper cup; I drank it thinking that if this is the worst thing that happens today I can live with it. It was about 2:30AM so I went to Dennys for breakfast, thinking that maybe all of the drunk druggies had gone home by then, there were still a couple of loud "ladies" with one guy - the were tickling each other and screaming and laughing - they left when the manager threw them out - oh, the food was pretty good, I really like their hashbrowns. And then, well I drove home in the dark.

Today I am going to a meeting!

Live and Let Live, feed the critters.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Well, well, well

The Red Sox swept the Tigers, on the road! That is something you won't see everyday. Big Papi is going to get his eyes checked; you thing it might be time to do that? The season is one third over.

Today is a Hollie day morning, which ought to be okay. In the afternoon it's off to Augusta for a 4PM appointment at Togus, my hearing test ought to be pretty interesting because I'll probably fall asleep (just kidding). 4PM is really a late time for an appointment so I'll be staying overnight in Augusta, can't drive home after my bedtime! It's dangerous enough when I'm on the road wide awake! By that, of course, I mean watching out for other drivers.

So, Easy Does It, and see how easy it is to push the big purple button at

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Yankees lose!, the Yaaaaaaaaankkkkkkkkkkes lose!

Doesn't that sound just like radio? Of course you'd have to hear the original to judge that.

Yesterdays little Peggy day went okay, the only hitch in the works was at the bottle redemption joint. It always had opened at 8:30, so I waited until the guy showed up and unlocked the door, got the empties out, went to the door and, and he locked it right in my face! I was not a happy camper. After I picked up Peggy from her grocery shopping I took her to another bottle joint and she took the in.

Today is another early meeting, and take Peggy to pick up her new orthopaedic shoes, also have some shopping to do, not much because I did some yesterday.

I guess that does it, don't it? (I love that song by Vern Gosden)

Easy does it, feed the critters (I did that already!)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Here we go again......

Well the leg feels a lot better this morning, the other one is still a little sore because of a charley horse last night. I slept until 12:00M which does make it last night, right? Today is a Peggy day, but she only wants to shop in one store this time should be okay.

Yesterday I went to an early meeting (first one in too long a time), it was nice and the first two people I met were retired Navy! Imagine that! There is a 7:30AM Monday-Friday, 8AM on Saturday and 9AM on Sunday (don't know why these are late).

I'm in hopes of finding out that the college world series is back on today so I can watch a game this afternoon. Kind of dull days with no walking.

Easy Does It, feed the critters.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Tell me it ain't so...the Yankees are in first place.....wait, there's walking for some period of time!

I had an email appointment with the Dr. yesterday, and it's a stress fracture most likely or it could be tendinitis from overuse. At any rate it's stay off the foot/leg and continue to take ibuprofen as usual-8 a day. So now what? Damned if I know; well, I did start a new watercolor yesterday, I think it'll be a good one; wait and see.

Here is my last one:

The next one will be better than this, I don't care too much for this.

Live and Let Live, feed the critters.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Now, that's better....

The Sox were finally able to put a complete game together, even Ortiz had one hit, I thought the world might end then and there :).

I got in about 4 1/2 miles yesterday, I have what appears to be a bruise on my left shin, it hurts to the touch, I'll take it easy for a couple of days and wait for improvement before hitting the sidewalk for any long stretch.

It looks like we may be in for a better bit of weather, high pressure and some sunshine, it can't hurt.

An important anniversary in history passed by on Saturday, it was on May 30, 1923 that the US Attorney General said it was legal for women to wear pants; my mother was approaching her tenth birthday. And only two years before that were women allowed to vote.

Live and Let Live (except the Yankees), feed the critters.

Sunday, May 31, 2009


Four: Number of hits the Red Sox got from a so so pitcher in Toronto
Three: Number of runs in the losing (non)effort.
Two: Number of coaches that need to be replaced (Francono and Magadan)
One: Coach that can't do his job (Magadan) the players just argue with him.
One: Player that needs to be gone (Ortiz) off the juice he's no good.

Number One was a tie.

Hollie Day went very well, we only went to laminate three times, that damn near a record. We also found a Reagan book on sale for $4.00 - lots of pictures (to laminate). And she found a couple of Hello Kitty things to die for.

But very little walking done, we did make one trip around the mall, and I had a couple of trips to the mailbox/newspaper boxes; today is a different story, walking is on the agenda.

Live and Let Live, feed the critters and while you're there vote for the Bangor Humane Society in the shelter contest.