Saturday, February 5, 2011

Muir Woods National Monument....

A trail through the woods
If you like trees, magnificent and tall,
come on over here, you can't count them all;
redwoods are among the largest on earth,
some are so old they were growing at Moses birth.

Huge, yet graceful on their way to the sky,
and here they are, to be seen by you and I,
what a glorious way to spend your day,
just walking along, there's no need to play.

Click on this, for sheer size

A sunny day

More of a trail

Friday, February 4, 2011

Golden Gate National Recreation Area....

Flowers of the Golden Gate, click to enlarge
....California, home of the bridge of course,
or Golden Gate park, where I once rode a horse;
but there's a lot more for you to see,
Muir Woods, tomorrow, and of course the sea.

It's a large are south and north of the span,
all laid out in some natural plan,
too much to see in just one day,
so let's get started.  What do you say?

The Bridge, this is the north end

Point Bonita Light, also on the north end

In the Muir Woods, more tomorrow
Some of these are"clickable"

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve...

A frozen meadow..
....Alaska, way up north of Fairbanks, you get here by air,
it's a mostly frozen wilderness, best suited for a bear;
but if you make it up here, the fishing is the best,
but you'll need a strong back to carry, this by need and behest.

It's suggested that you visit in the long summer nights,
thirty days with no darkness, you won't need any lights;
there is one thing they don't mention in the brochure,
you'll be swarmed by mosquitoes when you go out the door.

The Doonerak River

There is a large Caribou herd

The Arrigetch Peaks at sunset

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Glacier National Park 3....

The Mountain Goats rule the roost
...Montana, I guess I hate to leave this place,
there's just so much here, it fills the earth with grace;
from humble rock piles to the high slopes,
your heart will heal, and get new hopes.

The scenery is just terrific, and there is just so much,
all the mountains, meadows and animals and such;
but this will be our last day here,
but it's ours to remember, all through the year.

Rainbow over Grinelll Lake

A mountain lake

Summer flowers on a slope

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Glacier National Park 2....

A large butte, and a river
...Montana, I couldn't get through this in just day one,
too much to see, and too much to get done,
these large western parks must take a week to see,
let's look at these photos, and see if you agree.

I would imagine it must take a week,
just to see this one park, and that guess is meek,
there are miles and miles of auto roads,
and so many trails, well, there are just loads.

Avalanche Creek, click to enlarge

Fireweed on the slope, click to enlarge

Monday, January 31, 2011

Glacier National Park....

Bear grass and Grinell Lake, couple of mountains too
...Montana, oh my, oh my, oh my; what a place we have here,
it's recommended to visit in the summer, so you'll know what to wear;
there is just so much to visit and explore,
so now I guess I know, what my feet are for.

Hiking trails, or walking, climbing is here too,
you'll just need to know - which is right for you;
of course there are bus tours, there's no limit on what you'll see,
this must be just one big place, where to start, what to see.

A mountain trail

A lowland trail

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site....

The main building
...Massachusetts, Mr. Olmsted was a designer of parks,
landscape architecture was unknown, before his many larks,
he designed park both large and small,
Central Park in New York City, was the largest of all.

He and his sons designed the Capitol grounds,
the Jefferson Memorial, and the Mall, he sure made the rounds,
even the White House lawns, so proper and trim,
all these among others, we all owe to him.

another view of Fairstead, his house

Central Park, NYC