Saturday, February 20, 2010


...about midnight, and I'm watching a game,
the Celtics are making the 'Blazers look tame,
of course it's too early to make a prediction,
but sometimes they win, kinda looks like fiction.

Busy this morning, well later on,
a Hollie Day's here, so I'll be gone,
to shop for her list and get project done,
Herrrrrre we go, shot from a gun.

We talked on Thursday, she had a list,
Sarah Palin couldn't write it on her whole fist,
 (remember the recent interview during which
she referred to notes written on her palm)
actually I started it yesterday,
a book of Taylor Swift, for childs play.

So I'll be writing tomorrow, see how things go,
one thing's for certain, I'm in for the show!
I imagine, like always, we'll have a good time,
as long as she spends her money and mine.

And let's not forget the 'old button' trick,
done even faster than a clock can tick,
it's so easy, giving is fun,
open the web-site and click every one.

I'm getting sleepy, it's time for a nap,
reading and writing, seems energy to sap,
It's something, I think, a trick or my eyes,
or maybe my extra large belly size.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Do you....

....think it matters, while the Celtics are on,
if I write this at midnight, or at half-time, while they're gone?
The C's are ahead, by about five points,
I'm hoping this is the game, they don't stink up the joint(s).

On to other things, better if you ask me,
I got up early, the Olympics were on TV;
I haven't watched any, it's skating at it's best,
but I'm not too interested, I'd rather do this and rest.

I hope to catch a nap, a little later on,
and pretty sure I will, back asleep and gone,
usually about an hour, that will do the trick,
maybe I could sleep in bed, if head wasn't so thick.

There are times it troubles me, to sleep the way I do,
probably I'd rather be a lot more like you;
maybe go to bed at ten, sleep until six,
but; then I guess I'd find something else to fix.

They say smiles are contageous, just like a yawn,
I read about it yesterday, let's try that on,
smile at all the people that you meet today,
and see what happens with that, you think that it's okay?

I'm going to try that, the smile thing you know,
but I'll go push some buttons, before I let that go,
then I'll be all 'smiley', grin from ear to ear,
let me know how it works for you, please let me hear.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm going... go walking, about four hours from now,
today I am ready to go, and I know how;
to promote my health and keep my belly in check;
why not walk it off, what the heck!

I've averaged six miles a day for the last two weeks,
think I'll make it three, it'll make red in my cheeks;
the weather has been good, no doubt about that,
but I'll still need mittens and a good woolen hat.

Starting a new project, it's always a chore,
but one that I like the planning's a bore;
and when it's finished - will I like it or not?
It better be good, it's all that I've got!

But know what's coming next,
you can think it, I'll put it in text;
it's time to push buttons, I go right across the row,
purple, blue, pink and golden yellow.

And it's time to address living, the good life, you know,
sometimes people are different, or they seem 'slow';
always remember it's not about you, but it's how you give... others, it's how you Live and Let Live.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Celtics....

....can't play basketball, they're proving it tonight,
almost giving up a lead, they built when doing right,
I don't know what's the matter, why they make mistakes,
but I'm like Popeye, I've had alls I can takes!

Other than that little things, everything's all right,
except my sleep is gone again, up at ten tonight;
I'll take a nap later on, maybe an hour or so,
then the paper will be here, read it and go.

The snow that was promised, by those on TV,
isn't here at all, now I wonder where it can be,
don't think I'll miss it, the snow can stay unfound,
what's good for walking, is good old bare ground.

The Celtics are trying, they're up by two,
with a minute thirty-eight left, down by two?
we'll have to wait and see if they can get another two,
No! Don't foul that guy, whatsamatteryou?

Thirty-seven seconds left, Celts ahead by two,
now fifteen point two, the King's just missed one, two,
'Sheed just made two foul shots, good at the line,
time out, it's called at lot, fingers are crossed - mine!

Six seconds left Celts ahead by one,
Ray Allen at the foul line, he may get it done,
he made them both, time out again, Celts ahead by three,
Tony Allen fouled someone, shots were made, now the lead is wee!

Two point four are left, Pierce is at the line,
point seven left, Celts fouled at the inbounds pass, oh gee!
one shot was made, then time ran out, Celts win by three,
if you dare hang in there - they'll scare you and me.

Well that's enough Wide World of Sports, don't you agree?
After all there are other things, more important to see,
like some politician bragging about some turn around,
what he really means is, we're further in the ground!

Why don't we push some buttons, something good for a change,
if won't take long, we'll feel better too, let's see what we arrange;
blue first or second, maybe third after pink,
gee it's complicated, I need time to think.

Think, now there's a word, we use it all the time,
but we still act first, is that job yours or mine;
we need to think before we act, a simple little matter,
if we suceed in doing that, it's the world on a platter.  (well, some of it)


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

You're not...

...going to believe this, a Peggy saying goes;
well I can't believe the ad I heard on my radios;
it's for a thermometer, the people kind, to see if there's a fever,
but the ad they placed for me to hear, well I'm not a believer.

The product sounds fine, but what do I know,
of these things I heard on my radio,
it was while I was walking with my headset on,
that I heard this ad, and my mind was gone!

The ad stated, and I'll quote here now,
the words that nearly made me, have a cow.
"..available at Sams Club, and other fine retailers"
now I was thinking in pictures, like movie trailers.

Sams Club is now considered fine?
What about Neiman Marcus, if you want fine!
Or Macys, Dillards, stores along that line,
Sams Club indeed!, Why that's not fine!

See, what I've started, fired up in my mind,
a new definition of the word fine;
but a warehouse store - no that's not it,
truth in advertising, let's make it fit!

Now I'm done with my ramble, I'll say no more,
I guess I'll push buttons, that's what they're for,
there are six colors, and they don't fight;, is the site.

And while we're at it, let's take a look,
at the butcher, the baker, and the line cook,
do you see anyone different than all the rest?
Put Live and Let Live, up to the test.


A painting I finished yesterday, Take a gander! (that's the title)

Monday, February 15, 2010


...or, Thank God It's Monday! which ever fits the mood,
I don't really like weekends anymore, an atitude,
there is no Sunday paper, the web coverage is weak,
it's just not like weekdays, when things seem to peak.

Aren't you glad that's over? Moan and complain,
what's the matter with Larry? Or what's his name,
Okay, okay I'll change my gears a little,
always meet the other guy, somewhere in the middle.

I've got my cup of coffee, see things are better now,
and if I needed cream, I wouldn't have to buy a cow,
the baseball teams are arriving in the southland this week,
what more could people like me need, it's our turn to speak.

Baseball is magic, there's nothing like it here,
stand up for the home team, get loud and cheer,
win or lose they're special, have a place in our heart,
just a couple of more weeks and the season will start.

Winter will be over, in, oh, about six weeks,
just in time to air me out, gosh this body reeks,
no, not really, I'm kidding don't you see?
reeks rhymes with weeks, hmmmm now let me see.

Pushing buttons is easy, nothing like it any where,
go ahead and push them, show the world you care,
there are only five or six, it doesn't take too long,
and anyway you look at it - you're doing nothing wrong.

And be friendly with your neighbors, like them or not,
don't get caught up in rumors, wether true or not,
go ahead, say hello, or even shake their hand,
people like you or I will have to take a stand.

Nice day ahead!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's hard.... understand why so much is planned to take place,
the same day and time, basketball, olympics skate race,
I'd like to watch them all, but it's impossible you see;
they didn't plan their time well, not for you and me.

So I caught a little, in the middle of the night,
I've been up since ten, so that worked alright;
maybe I'll take a nap, around about two,
it's already been a long day for me, how about you?

Yesterday was casual, Peggy shopped some though,
while I walked around the place, smaller than the mall,
since then I came home and tried to settle down,
did that pretty well I think, not acting like a clown.

Today looks to be just about the same,
I wish I could have normal hours, and watch the all star game;
but that's not likely with the clock in my mind,
the clock is not broken, it don't like to be timed!

Before the nap I plan to take, there's some work to do;
pushing buttons, every one, starting with the blue,
then pink, green and yellow, oh and purple too,
it's very easy, and a very nice thing to do.

I used to live outdoors, a long, long time ago,
not a healthy life style, I stayed just so-so,
but now I have managed to change in this life of mine,
why just days ago, it was year twenty-nine!