Saturday, September 26, 2009


...Ceasars ghost! I just have to share;
got up at eleven-thirty, it's just not fair,
if I keep doing this, I should grow a lot of hair,
if I am going to...hibernate like a bear!

Yesterday, of course, was a Hollie day,
it was quiet and uneventful in a way;
she way very talkative and had a lot to say,
so I just kind of listened, it's only half a day.

Let me see, um, we went to Tim Hortons first,
for that iced coffee with blueberry (yuk)she had a thirst,
of course with that a breakfast sandwich too;
on an english muffin, it's new dad!, and a donut too.

Off to Walmart to make the weekly score,
of a CD/DVD, oh, wait there's more;
and of course a magazine, no sense wasting time,
if I had my way, all of these would be mine! (Hollie talking)

Oh, let's see, what was next? It's not getting late;
lets all go to Staples, we got stuff to laminate,
oh yeah, she made her choice, which ones get the heat,
five items got hot enough to melt the plastic sheet.

A little walk around the new Walmart store,
left without a purchase, wait there's more; (do you notice a pattern, too many infomercials)
then we sent to Target, for a Jordan Sparks CD,
oh the joy returned to mudville, it's cover needs all to see.

So, we go back to Staples, just two items more,
turn up the heat! She's back! Oh how she loves that store;
and two more items have now, a new gloss,
Hollie sure knows how, to teach them who's the boss.

We had to cut our day out short, Hollie had a meeting,
so I bought her lunch and left her with a goodbye greeting,
she will represent herself at that evaluation,
I'm sure that she'll be proud to control the situation.

Friday, September 25, 2009

We never....

...know when we will awake when we go to bed each night,
so how come, I wonder, does it take, a long drawn out fight?
I'll never know the answer to this one of course,
so tonight it's eleven twenty, tomorrow could be worse.

You know, it doesn't matter much, at least to me,
what time I rise each day, what will be will be,
but, it gives me fodder, to write some silly stuff,
I'll quit right now, I guess you've had enough!

Today is a Hollie day, abbreviated I am told,
she has a meeting, by herself, my she's getting bold,
She has decided to represent herself, it's the nature of the beast;
something that she's good at to say the very least.

But we'll have time to laminate a project or two,
it may not ever be enough, but we'll see what we can do.
She wants to call her sister too, it's her birthday today,
to send her best wishes, to the gal down Florida way.

I've already pushed the purple button, I did it for today,
you should look it up,, and have your say,
it's a great and needed service, for those who cannot speak,
they need our help, so be of service, give these critters a break.

If you see a friend, that you've not seen for a day or two,
shake his hand in welcome, say this chair's for you.
It's important for us to take the time to say we care;
when we go to meetings, it's sometimes good to share.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Am I...

...stuck in a time warp or something,
my wake time at eleven is nothing;
that I just have to get used to,
looks like it here, and stuck like glue.

I'm looking forward to a good day,
walking and meeting are on the way;
then I need to get into action,
on a new project that needs my attention.

I have already pushed the big purple button,
there were no pictures there, isn't that something?
but the site was still working, or did I assume;
that if a site looks different, should I just come back soon?

Live and Let Live, I harp on this subject, and wonder;
I need a reminder and it's something to ponder,
it's the whole scheme of things that we live by;
be nice to yourself, as well as the other guy!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Am I... trouble?
have I burst a bubble?
Against the rule sign on my door,
I slept past eleven, but wait - there's more!

Eleven-twenty, how did that happen,
guess I better quit that napping.
Maybe I was overly tired,
Nah! I'm always wired.

But forget all of that, it's not important, and it's no fun,
there must be something that needs to be done,
Of course there is, more painting of sorts,
the basement walls, or the art of course.

Whatever it is, it will be taken care of,
when I find time - join the chorus;
Larry, Larry get to work, finish that chore;
Larry, Larry - but wait there's more.

After the songfest, you need to ponder,
what's been left out, maybe you wonder;
Oh, that's right, pushing the button,
hope it's not easily forgotten.

Live and Let Live, a wise old motto,
it's really something that we all ought to
live by and practice, and be planting those seeds,
we show by our works, and live by our deeds.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


...already? How can that be?
Why didn't anyone tell me?
No! Wait a minute, now I know,
it was Monday an hour or so ago.

Got up at ten forty-five, mistake!
Watched the Red Sox to the end, mistake!
How in heck could they lose?
Sometimes I think that's how the choose.

Walking yesterday was half or normal,
trying to help that foot be less formal;
it didn't give me any trouble,
but it'll be next week before I double.

Push the purple button, there,
show those critters that you care.
And be nice to your neighbors too,
treat them, like you want them to treat you.

Want to put you life on a different tack?
Maybe feel more human, is that what you lack?
Or, maybe you just need to let go of what's holding you back;
It works if you work it, keep coming back!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Do you...

....ever get up early, in the middle of the night?
or do you sleep, peacefully, until the morning light?
I used to sleep that way you know, in the distant past,
but now it ten-fifteen when that horn is blast.

That's just the way that things work out,
it's got to be accepted or look out;
there is no at fault for anyone, no blame to go around;
circadian rhythms are what they are, no cures have been found.

It's become a fact of life, no argument from me,
the old song will go one, "What Will Be Will Be".
But, at least, I get to write and tell you what it's like,
or you can pass on this, tell me to take a hike.

But please read this before you go,
it's important that you know,
that there are pets in shelters out there,
who really, really need to know you care.

And as you set out about your daily affair,
remember to be kind to others, let them know you care.
It's nice to be treated right, and told they're glad you came;
so it stands to reason that you should do the same.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Surprise! Will wonders never cease?
Yesterday went so well, and that's to say the least.
Although there were two chances, to be up against the wall;
for her to really lose it, she held herself together, I guess that says it all.

Number one was simple, one Staples didn't have enough,
ran out, can you imagine?, of laminating sheets, then things got tough;
but Hollie held together, controlled her inner "it", and she didn't lose it;
she didn't pitch a fit.

We simply went to the other Staples, on the other side of town,
and they knew that Hollie did not want to frown,
she got the laminating finished, oh we are so blessed,
and then we went out and finished looking and all the rest.

We went into the Hallmark store, not the one in the mall,
looking for a kitty beanie baby, and they had sold them all,
but my foot was really hurting, and I didn't want to walk,
in the mall, she understood!, good gosh let me talk!

She still kept things together, quite pleasant after all,
so yesterday was simple, fun we really had a ball.
Hollie's learning how to handle, when things don't go her way;
at least that's what happened, Saturday, yesterday.

If you haven't pushed a purple button, in a day or so,
try, go there and show,
that you like and care for sheltered pets,
they'll appreciated your attitude, it's as good as it gets.

And if YOU need some help, or to talk to a friend,
well then you are in luck if you should wander in,
to a twelve step meeting, there are more than a few;
someone there will have - a chair just for you.

Enjoy the day