Saturday, July 11, 2009

There must be..

...some mistake, the sun has been visable for two days! I cannot believe it! And now, without warning, there will be a third day with sunshine, who knew. Well I for one will enjoy it, unless of course, if it goes over 72 degrees, then I'll have to find a way to stay cool.

Yesterday I walked five miles and now have walked 450 miles since March 8th when my program began, I want 500 miles in the next two weeks, so only 50 miles in about 12 days doesn't look too hard.

I have been getting up at 10:30PM consistently for about five days, I guess that's the new "morning" for me. I just finished my last of 3 cups of coffee at 12:10AM, breakfast was at 11:30PM, with nice New Jersey blueberries too.

Today is a Hollie Day, Mom had her last night, they are doing new curtains/drapes, whatever, in Hollie's room. The new drapes are lime green! Hollie has liked that color for some time now, maybe two years, so we see it a lot. We won't be doing a lot today, laminate, laminate, and spend some money. NOTE: Please encase this message in plastic!

Have a nice day, Live and Let Live and please feed the critters.

Friday, July 10, 2009

I swear to God......

I saw it with my own eyes, the SUN! What a rare treat, we haven't had many sunny days this month or last and believe me it was a welcome sight. We should have some sunny days for the rest of the weekend and maybe even on Monday. It's hard to believe.

Of course it's also hard to believe that the Red Sox and Yankers are tied for first place after last nights bullpen collapse. Last night was one of those games when the players didn't care if they won or lost, and the coaches didn't give a damn either. So be it.

Walking went well yesterday, a little over four miles. Today I won't go quite that distance, or maybe I will, hard to say. It was a pretty chilly start, about 49 degrees, with a little breeze, it's nice to own a fleece jacket.

Easy Does It, and please feed the critters, it's easy and free!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

If only..

...the right numbers had been drawn for the Megabucks jackpot there would be a great celebration! But, no, they didn't draw my numbers (I got one of six) so there will be another drawing on Saturday, and I'll make another contribution. I really don't expect to ever win, but the chance is worth a buck.

Little walking yesterday just a little over two miles, due to the weather. Speaking of weather, today is supposed to be sunny. The sun is an object in the sky that's shiny, we don't see it very often. People will run out into the streets just to get a peak at the "shiny object" and they'll wonder what it is! I, for one, hope to walk in the sunshine for maybe three miles today, and then go to a meeting.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It seems like....

.....there is no end to the rain! Moss is growing in the cracks of the road, and the forecasts are no looking for much of a change.

I did a little walking yesterday, about 2.5 miles, everything felt okay so today I'll try to get a little more; providing, of course, the weather allows.

The only other thing I did was having a few adjustments to my teeth, they are better now.

04:05:06 is only a little less than 4 hours away - plenty of time for a nap, if I get sleepy.

The Sox must have had some reminders, but they remembered how to swing a bat. They won!!

Live and Let Live and please feed the critters.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Something's missing...

...maybe it's a thought process. Maybe it's a couple of thought processes. It is! It is! What's missing really is a couple of human brains; it seems that Terry Francona and Dave Magadan are sans the old grey matter. What else could possibly explain the Red Sox giving up six runs to a team that isn't that good; and all the while the best the Sox could do was get two hits! Where is the manager? Where is the batting coach? They are sitting there on their thumbs! And that's the best that they are capable of? Blame the owners too, they make sure the brainless ones are still working!

Can you guess who lost last night?

Yesterday's blog contains an error, it won't be 3009 when the time and date sequence repeats it will be 2109; but what's nine hundred years give or take? And I have the gall to call someone brainless?

Staying in this morning with sore calf muscle and sore lower back, going to get the teeth reworked a little late afternoon, middle of the night for me at 3PM. I got up at 10:30PM today/tonight, whatever.

Easy Does It (easy for me to say), feed the critters please.

Speaking of critters; yesterday I had to stop and wait for a porcupine to cross the sidewalk, and then I had a pair of mallards walk about 30 feet with me a little later. Regular Saint Francis, ain't I?

Just another.....

...note. In the foregoing, that's a little after 4AM, because 4PM would read 16:05:06, okay.

If anyone is interested in Zombie Kickball check out, fun stuff.

I used to try to be normal, but I got bored and went back to being myself.

By God he got it.....

......right, for a change. The Sox did win the game, of course because of past mistakes they remain only one game ahead of the (fill in a nasty word) Yanks.

Watch for Wednesday morning! Alert! Early in the day it will be 04:05:06 07/08/09 it will never happen again (I think it might in 3009). Very interesting . I should be awake for that.

I slept in again until 11:15PM, not too bad for a geezer, walking today and a meeting too. I got in about 2.5 miles yesterday, my left calf is still sore from a cramp on Wednesday, hope it gets better soon, I don't know why it takes so long for the muscle to lose soreness.

Live and Let Live and please feed the critters (purple button)