Monday, July 6, 2009

Something's missing...

...maybe it's a thought process. Maybe it's a couple of thought processes. It is! It is! What's missing really is a couple of human brains; it seems that Terry Francona and Dave Magadan are sans the old grey matter. What else could possibly explain the Red Sox giving up six runs to a team that isn't that good; and all the while the best the Sox could do was get two hits! Where is the manager? Where is the batting coach? They are sitting there on their thumbs! And that's the best that they are capable of? Blame the owners too, they make sure the brainless ones are still working!

Can you guess who lost last night?

Yesterday's blog contains an error, it won't be 3009 when the time and date sequence repeats it will be 2109; but what's nine hundred years give or take? And I have the gall to call someone brainless?

Staying in this morning with sore calf muscle and sore lower back, going to get the teeth reworked a little late afternoon, middle of the night for me at 3PM. I got up at 10:30PM today/tonight, whatever.

Easy Does It (easy for me to say), feed the critters please.

Speaking of critters; yesterday I had to stop and wait for a porcupine to cross the sidewalk, and then I had a pair of mallards walk about 30 feet with me a little later. Regular Saint Francis, ain't I?

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