Saturday, May 23, 2009

A little too much.......

Heat! I do not like temps above 70 degrees! I guess that means walking in the mornings, which is what I usually do anyway. Yesterday I had Hollie in the AM so did a little in the afternoon, whew! I am going to stick with mornings, unless like today, the temp stays below 70. It's a good thing, I guess, to live in Maine.

Going out early today (for a Saturday) for walking, take Peggys paper, and do a little shopping at Hannaford. WOW! To lead such an exciting life, I don't know how I do it! But I have grown to really like walking (addictive personality), and would miss it if I was not able to do it.

Have a good long weekend, Live and Let Live and feed the hungry.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Well, up at 11:15PM, that's a little more regular for me. Today is a Hollie Day, from 7 until 10:45 or when she goes to program, but there won't be a loooooooong phone call tonight.

I did time one mile yesterday, 16mins and 57secs. (About 17 minutes, don't you think?), and my pulse was about 74. Of course that slowed time the rest of that walk, all told I had 5 miles in before 8AM, and that was just about it, much too hot in the afternoon! God I hope it's only that one day! I am now over 320 miles since March 8th; it's a personal record because it's the only time I've done it.

By the way "Normal" is a cycle on a washing machine, there is no "Normal" in most peoples lives.

Live and Let Live, feed the hungry people and critters.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Not again??

Oh yeah, deja vu all over again. Today I was up at 10:30PM but imagine I will fall asleep before 4 or 5 this morning, at least for a short nap.

Yesterday went very well, I got in about 5.5 miles, the first 3 miles took 54 minutes, so 18 minutes per mile. Wellness people say that someone my age that can walk one mile in 18 minutes is in very good shape, I need to time just one mile to see how I fare.

Other than the above not much else happened, I managed to finish a book The Bubble Reputation another by Cathie Pelletier, good book with interesting Northern Maine characters; this book was not part of the series I read before. It took longer to read because it wasn't a large print book, I do okay with either but large is better (if you're in a hurry).

Easy Does It, feed the critters.

Whole lotta....What??


Not a whole lot to write about, with the possible exception of sleeping.
I got up at 11:15PM and stayed awake until about 1:30AM when I got really sleepy, so I slept in my chair until 4:00AM!! That's quite remarkable considering that I'm talking about me, that has not happened before, I usually may sleep in my chair 20 minutes to 40 minutes or so.

Well I'm rested up for the day, I think I'll go for a walk!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

While I lay sleeping.....

Or was I? What a strange start to a "normal" night.

I woke up at 6:45PM (that's right), from a very strange and funny dream. I had a dream that my brother in law, Thom, was here for a visit and was very excited because I was going to take him just a few miles to see the 43rd parallel! I had a map, already marked up, showing we were to take US83(the old US highway system) to just south of Dixmont. I woke up early the next morning, Thom was already up, he had a loaf of bread in a large plastic bag (from a pillow I think - the bag that is), we ate and were ready to go. Thom, in my dream, looked just like Jim Morris who is the News Director at Channel 5 WABI-TV, they do resemble each other.

This morning (I was up at 10:45PM) I looked up US83, it runs from Brownville Texas to the North Dakota/Canada border, and on the route 43 degrees is at the South Dakota/Nebraska line. The 43rd parallel around here is just south of Portsmouth NH. If you want to look up any of the old highways Wikipedia has a large selection - and I do look stuff like that up probably more than others.

I had been reading a Cathie Pelletier book The Bubble Reputation, maybe her books give me those crazy ideas; she is a terrific Maine born writer. The books are very funny in parts and quite serious in others, very enjoyable.

Anyway, 7 miles yesterday and looking forward to more this morning; I only need about a tenth of a mile to reach 300 miles, since March 8th!

Live and Let Live, and feed the critters, or the hungry people, either way it will make you feel good.

Monday, May 18, 2009

What a bunch of........

Well, yesterday was rainy so walking was limited to a few trips up and down Pendelton Drive, I managed to get a little over 3 miles in. It was a wasted day:
1. Lack of walking
2. Celtics were a disappointment
3. Red Sox need a batting coach.

I think this will be a good week weather wise, and have promised myself to make up for the missing miles.

Live and Let Live, feed the critters (it's easy and it's free)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Oh, what tangled webs......

First things first, the Hollie Day went very well, we had a good time (spending money), she got her Camden T-shirt and a few other things and "only" spent about $15 on projects.

Next: The Sox finally were able to get ahead and finish with a win - ahhhh, feels better.

And now the tangled web part:
My dad was a twin, sets of twins in Maine sometimes cause quite a stir, I'll illustrate.
Bigelow Bob was/is friends with the Coop twins, and sometimes neighbors might say 'they can't be twins they look alike' and the reply could be 'of course their twins, brothers too'. Do you see the things we go through here in Maine?
Anyway, the Coop twins, Alexander Graham Coop and Robert Louis Coop (that's their names; are you keeping up?), became wealthy by being no-bid contractors, allegedly in Iraq, with the former administration in Washington. The "project" they were working on was a gasoline engine powered garden hose. This was to be in the desert after all. Of course the twins had no real idea how it would work, when somebody told them just to hook it up to a faucet. They spent the rest of their time (doing what?) looking for a GASOLINE POWERED FAUCET. Real genius at work here, besides they were paid millions, after which they took to liquor. Bobby (that would be Robert Louis) drank more than his brother (who is also his twin) and began to wish they'd invented that damn hose after all. He got so badly confused that he changed his legal last name to Co-op, and sold shares of his body to his neighbors. The neighbors being convinced that they would become rich when he donated his body to science. Okay?

Live and Let Live, and feed the critters.