Saturday, March 6, 2010


...for a day, and with good reason,
because I went to retrieve, just for the season,
my daughter Rhonda up for a visit,
that's my reason, good one isn't it.

But I had to stay overnight,
it was was past my bedtime, an oversight;
but we connected, just before ten,
I was up five hours more than I would have been.

But now I'm home, yesterday afternoon,
not anxious to leave any time soon,
staying at a motel, is way over rated,
if I did it for long, I need to be sedated!

But we visited with my older brother,
and went over to visit my mother,
we're all older, by quite a lot,
but, you know, that's what I've got.

Of course I'm just a fresh faced kid,
looking at them, to see what age did,
how is it possible, for my time to stand still,
Gee! I must have some kind of magical pill!

Coffees ready!  Just in time too!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I've got...

..fresh coffee and reason to smile,
daughters coming to visit for a while,
from way down in Florida, that's in the south,
those words from her own personal mouth.

Today is the day, I'll go down and meet her,
but I am not mentioning that to her sister,
for Hollie it'll be a surprise,
can't wait to see the look in her eyes.

Walking yesterday, well that was great,
not windy at all, and an even gait;
got in seven miles on the next to last day,
for a full year - it's been walking day!

I'll do more walking this morning,
before meeting time - this is a warning;
meeting and get ready to go,
Sanford's the destination for sho'!

Let me guess, have you pushed the buttons yet?
And don't give me grief! Don't say forget!
It's easy to do, and now you know it,
pink, purple,yellow,green you knew it!

All of us have been blessed, we're not the same,
can you imagine all of having the same name?
Or outlook on life or the way that we live it?
We should Live and Let Live, and get on with it.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oh Boy!...

...The weather yesterday, it was simply great,
warm for this time of year, here in this state;
kind of makes me wonder - is global warming here,
or - is it a result of many a shed tear?

The walking was just wonderful, clear and dry,
just the kind of morning - for a walking guy;
it was an easy five plus miles were done,
all before six-thirty in the morning, I beat the sun.

Today looks to be pretty much the same,
walking in the morning, meeting will be tame,
there isn't much about it, that I would change;
I'm up so early, the waiting, can't rearrange.

But while I wait, and wonder, what will I do,
go and press those buttons, starting with the blue,
then go to purple, green, red and let me think,
oh yes! the yellow one and don't forget the pink!

Boy the morning coffee, really good to drink,
it's certainly not something, I'm going to dump in the sink,
a lot of things get wasted in this world of ours,
we need to recycle, come on! It doesn't take hours.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The wind...

....would chill me to the bone,
and wet snow too, was it me, alone?
No everyone was complaining, the weather don't you know?
You can do nothing about it, just feel it by you blow.

Walking was sure limited, to just about three miles,
and here I was filled with hope, but outside, no smiles;
well here we are to welcome March, spring lingers somewhere,
but I can tell you right flat out:  it sure as hell ain't here.

Today will be different, cloudy and some warmer air,
walking is possible, it's windy, but I have no hair,
and the wind's in one direction out of a possible four,
so just put hands in pockets on a one directional tour.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Snow.... on the agenda for today,
well, at least it's not rain, you say;
it won't be much, just a few inches though,
but it makes for tough walking, to and fro.

Well it's March, Spring is in sight,
but it sure doesn't look like it tonight;
but by months end things should improve,
if it don't, well, I think I'll move!

Enough of the crap about the weather and all,
jeepers - before we know it, it'll be fall,
maybe a little summer, stuck in between,
tough sleddin' in Maine, if you know what I mean.

I slept in, for whatever reason,
probably caused by the basketball season,
if there's to be any consolation,
the Celts won't last long - they'll be on vacation.

The Red Sox seem to be comming along well,
spring training is great, the sooth sayers tell,
if there's a bleak spot, in my mind at least,
it's that Magadan, batting coach, still at the feast.

But we have new players, that might be useful,
shortstop, center field, third base are all full,
no big bats to help us along though,
pitching has to be good for the team to grow.

Now that all being said,
I guess I'll push buttons instead,
green, purple, blue, red, yellow and pink,
it's a whole lot easier than people think.

And how about that new person around,
have they been greeted? Opportunties abound;
go say hello, welcome them too,
you just need to say, this chair is for you.

Enjoy!, oh, time to make coffee!!!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

If this...

...rain don't stop, I'll surely go insane,
ain't five days enough, does if have to cause pain,
I really miss my walking, and maybe the sun too,
it's going to be awhile for us, how about for you?

I got up just before eleven, and watched the news,
looking for better weather, or someone elses views;
there is a slight promise, no rain or snow today,
followed by a wrap around Sunday night and Monday.

And then the sports report, the Celtics lost again,
to the lowly Nets, whose wins don't equal ten;
they should pack it in - there's no place left to go;
and all the while we expected another championship show.

Now the Celtics know about ageing, of a sporting sort,
three players in their thirties, can't keep up this sport,
and the new guys are trying - yes, their very best,
and I guess it's my turn to give this song a rest.

Tomorrow we'll be in March - the month that starts Spring,
Day Light Savings Time, and maybe a daffodil it will also bring,
that would be south of here, here mud will be the king,
and then will come sunshine - can you hear the children sing?

At least the coffee's good!