Saturday, June 30, 2012

Just another day

New Horizons new digs
  I didn't do much work on the 'flower project' yesterday - so that will wait.  What we did do was work in Hollies new room.  The move from Winterport to Brewer was completed Thursday.  What needed to be done was some orginazation in her room.  My wife, Linda - the one with the newly repaired knee replacement, was geared up and ready; so off we went.
  After 3 hours, give or take, things were in their proper place and the old geezer got to go home.  Now to be honest I didn't do very much of the work, just waited around and talked to Hollie and some staff members.
  Today is a Hollie Day; she has great expectations and a list that weighs as much as the Sunday NY Times.  If I were to succumb to some sort of stupidity it would cost a fortune - which I don't have.
  Maybe I'll get some 'project' work done this afternoon - - - but we are expecting visitors.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Don't always stop to smell the flowers

A Trumpet flower
  I started my morning walk yesterday about 3:30am, and the light was dim in most places but there are a few streetlights.  I walk on a city street, Union Street in Bangor, and go one and a half miles in each direction.  Some of the walk is by businesses and some of it goes through residential areas, and over I-95 which is surprisingly empty most mornings.
  In the residential area there are large old homes and some of them have mature hedges all near and trimmed with a strip of grass between the hedge and the sidewalk.  I was walking by such a hedge and grass strip and noticed a large white flower.  Oh wow!, was my thought a trumpet flower.  The flower was moving gently in the breeze.   I couldn't see it completely and just was by, within inches, and thought there would be more light on my way back.
  I walked about another three quarters of a mile and turned around at Willey Street.  Walking back in the residential area I watched for the flower, it was gone.  The flower was gone but the odor lingered, skunk.  The "flower" was it's rear end, tail raised, and ready to spray.  How fortunate for me, I didn't stop to investigate the "flower".  Whew!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

A little more and nice weather please

The next stuff to do
  There's not a lot of difference to see between yesterday and today, and the green background is too dark.  Now I will need to lighten the background, it's not difficult but time consuming.  Simply add water, rub with a brush lightly and blot.  The trick is while blotting don't spread color into the daisy.
  I question how much will get done today, it's moving day for Hollies household, leaving Winterport and headed to new quarters in Brewer.  There will be three residents soon, and some of the staff will change to probably.  I'm going to pick Hollie up at 7:30AM and run around with her until her program starts at 11:00AM.  That eats up a good part of the day, I'll get some walking in this morning at 3:15 or so, mayber three and a half miles and a mile or so with Hollie while she's running around in stores.
  Linda, my wife, started physical therapy yesterday so every other day or so there will be appointments for her, and Peggy at the first of the month too.  I guess some days will be busier than others.
  Weather:  There are stars you can see this morning!  Holy Cow! It can't be clear. Can it?  I must say that's a welcome sight.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Flowers and rainy days

Starting out - click we have the newest 'project'.  I did tracings from three different photos, one of daisies, one of the wild iris and one of columbine.  The most finished is the iris, the columbine have been started, they're the orange-red things.
  I haven't decided how to do the daisy flowers, they wont show up as white unless I put in a dark background like green leaves.  I haven't decided if the flowers are loose or in a vase.  Time will tell.
  It is raining again this morning, third day in a row and no end until Friday, that's what I hear.  If you walk the damned rain is hard to handle, but it isn't fatal.
  Well, time for a nice cold drink of water!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Number 1125

  I just about forgot about my blog this morning.  I know there is nothing ready to write about, or show, or even to think about.
  Oh!  Wait a minute! Yes there is.  I did start another project yesterday.  I'm not ready to show the beginning or tracing yet.  I did tracing from three separate photos and mixed them together.  It's a floral and I will share it with you, or bore you with it in a couple of days.
  Rain, rain and more rain, every day this week, it's hard to get my walking in working around the rain.  I was able to walk yesterday morning at about 3:15AM I walked three and a half miles and got another two miles later, total of five and a half miles.

Monday, June 25, 2012

At last.

This is it - click to enlarge
  Funny!  Last night I finally had the thought:  Why didn't I paint more house and less land?  It would have been soooo much easier and it would have looked better too.  Maybe in my next life.  I'm sort of pleased with it as is, but now..........
  I already have a new project in my head; that's where the trouble starts, in my head.  All I can tell you, for now, is that's it's a floral.  It will also be done in a different way, at least the tracing part - it's so one thing can be in two places at once.
  It looks like I'll be able to walk this morning, if I get an early start (3:00-3:30) I can get my distance in, or at least the first three miles.  Yesterday was a total washout, it rained until afternoon and by then I'm not in the mood to walk.
  No, I'm still not to fond of this project - more house, less land.  Why didn't I think of that before I started?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Out for a stroll

Browns Head Light, Vinalhaven
  I picked this photo today so I could use it as an example.  I am having trouble with the 'project' and need to add some wildflowers and shade the grass differently, if I study the photo it will help.  I didn't do much yesterday in the hour or so that I spent, made the wildflowers too small and still don't have the grass right.
  I did walk five miles, kind of tough sledding in the humidity, but that will be gone later today; sadly after the morning rain -- there goes todays walk.
  There will be a ball game this afternoon to sleep through, it's 1:50AM right now and I have been up almost an hour. Flushed - skin and head feel there they're burning; it's caused by a medication I take and doesn't happen ofter.
  I'll go fix some breakfast and read, online, some more; that's hard to do on a weekend.  Have you noticed that web sites don't change their content on weekends, even the news doesn't change very often.  What's up with that?  Does everything come to a standstill on Friday night?  It ticks me off!
  Have a good day everyone, remember and go across the top and click on all of the buttons; a way to donate without spending a cent.