Saturday, May 15, 2010

People are....

asking, where have I been,
so, maybe, this is the place to begin,
a TIA, mini stroke, and a short trip to town,
and there I was in a hospital gown.

Oh, what a sight to behold,
there should be rules, for someone this old;
the thing had one tie, it was way at the top,
where in the hell was my fat going to flop?

And there were tests and procedures of course,
at a pace that would have worn out a really fast horse,
an MRI scan to look at my brain,
I'll bet they don't want to see that again.

The result was "no damage", from this incident,
they could have found some, if backwards they went;
and a ultra-sound of the coratid arteries as well,
rubbed the jelly in, took a look, all was just swell.

Then, of course, I was invited to stay,
because tomorrow, more tests on the way,
I didn't sleep much, it was a heck of a night,
but they did manage to cut out the light.

My sleep habits are so out of whack,
besides, I could only lay on my back;
there were electrodes and an oxygen hose,
how do sleep with that, do you suppose?

Now the next morning, which to me was real late,
I waited and waited to be shot out of the gate,
then my "ride" came and took me downstairs,
for an echo cardiogram, on my back, no chairs.

Upstairs again to Grant Five was the place,
in my bed while "they" move at their own pace,
the "doc" came to see me, and, this is real dumb;
I had to explain that my whole head was numb!

So then I waited for my next "ride",
if I'd shut my mouth, I'd been outside,
finally the "ride" came and took me on down,
all of while flapping in the back of my gown.

In MRI, again, the gal asks me why,
didn't I have pants, no was my reply,
this time they scanned the bones in my neck,
looking for the right chokehold, I suspect.

A lot of arthritis is what they found,
in one of the vertebrea the hole is not round,
the old thing is squeezing a bundle of nerves,
and one of those is lacking, it's my head it serves.

So, now I'm back, and glad to be too,
I'd much rather be writing these words for you,
it was quite an adventure, most of it good,
lesson: never put off doing, that which you should.

There were some good things that came from this,
the staff were most gracious, I was almost in bliss,
the food was terrific, there should be no jokes,
wonderful workers, describes those folks!!

So, that's where I've been, I got home late at night,
and yesterday up at first light,
so, I didn't post, tired but free from that place,
now I'm back, writing, keeping up with the pace.

So, if you see Hollie, she doesn't know,
there's no sense in telling her, she worries so,
try some of the lying 101 with her,
my knees out of whack - is my story to her.


Friday, May 14, 2010


...been away, a mini-stroke and an overnight stay at the hospital.  This ramble will be back tomorrow, May 25th.

I'm fine and no permanent damage (that wasn't already there)


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I must say....

...I'm pleasantly surprised,
when I saw the score, couldn't believe my eyes!
The Celtics win again without King Jameses fight,
we're in for a wild ride on Thursday night!

And then Dice K pitches, a near shutout game,
have I woken up, do you know my name?
This is too much good news, I'm going back to bed,
although I got up late - I've completely lost my head!

Okay, I'll calm down, but this is good news,
wait until they play again, what have I got to lose?
It's not every day, when I see score like this,
I've gone off the edge, in a state of bliss.

Maybe it's because I slept in so late,
twelve-twenty was the time, when I shot out of the gate,
now, of course, I think I'm doing everything too slow,
and - before I know it - it will we time to go.

So, before I leave this most awesome phase,
maybe I should visit that site, push buttons, stop the blaze;
it doesn't matter with which you start, pick a color please,
and, you know, it's not too tough, in fact it's a breeze.

Today I'll go to the meeting, as a way of giving thanks,
and I won't spend any time, fretting about failed banks,
nor will I blame the government for my past mistakes,
I'm charged and ready, I've got what it take!

Enjoy :}

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Next time....

...I try to understand very much,
it won't be sports I pick, to study and such,
after a splendid start the Bruins lost a home,
all the while the meat get's cut closer to the bone.

They had a change to wrap things up,
on home ice, in the race for Lord Stanley's Cup;
but lost to the Flyers without a single goal,
so we must wait and see..a phrase that's growing old.

But, the Red Sox won again, I'm happy about that,
and the teams in front all lost, and that ain't old hat;
but there's a ways to go, before first place is reached,
oh, yes, a great long haul before that wall is breached.

The knees are not happy, with the way I walk,
and the hips complain, or they would if they could talk;
so I'm still taking it is easy, so the miles don't add up,
better than the alternative - I'm not a young pup!

We'll see what the doctor says on Thursday morning,
and it's my great fear that she'll give me a warning,
to stop that silly endless parade, you've got going on,
now go and make use or the tools you have, and on and on and on!

But today the sun will shine, in the cold windy day,
of course right now it's dark, it's midnight by the way,
oh yes, I'm up as usual, no surprises come to light;
up at eleven-twenty, up for the day at night.

So let's go push some buttons, before the coffee's made,
pick a color and color, it doesn't matter which shade,
of the yellow, red or blue, green purple all the same,
after all it's useful stuff, we're not playing any game.

Easy Does It, those three small words say,
get it done before you end, but in an orderly way;
it does not mean to relax or what have you,
it's means there's work to do.

Smile :}

Monday, May 10, 2010

There are...

....times when I should eat my words,
and admit my impressions are for the birds,
then again, maybe I wasn't so wrong.
Now- what was the name of that song?

The song seems familar, stuck in my head,
the damn thing may stick there until I am dead,
it's all about Red Sox and scores of the game,
and about Celtics, how close to the edge they came.

But yesterday, I now understand,
both teams won games, I have it first hand;
in fact one basketball player tied a record of sorts,
a big triple double - that's a big one in sports.

Rajon Rondo is one heck of a player,
when he gets real good, the opponent does not have a prayer,
which 29 points, 18 rebounds and 13 assists.
what more could I possibly add to this list?

Those are high numbers that only 3 players have reached,
Oscar Robinson, Wilt Chamberland, now Rondo have breached,
the high game of playing a magnificent sport - too.....
...much to handle for this old geezerly fool.

So I must have had a good night,
I went to sleep without much of a fight,
got up and ten-thirty, watched the rest of the game,
the Red Sox made it look kind of tame.

So now I'll have time to push a button or two,
oh, I guess the green, or maybe the blue,
how about red, purple or maybe yellow,
how about you, are you a giving "fellow"?

And let's think for a moment, what else can we give?
Oh! That's right! Live and Let Live!
That means that all people are nowhere near the same,
each of us plays, our own type of game!

Enjoy the day!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

It has...

...been alleged that the Red Sox played a game...
...last night, but maybe we should change the name,
I don't think they played at all, but players were in the park;
and an alleged manager, also in the area, was on some kind of lark.

When the end came in inning number nine,
the Sox used an outfielder to pitch, he did not do fine;
maybe they should use the machine that throws the balls,
and then the Yankees could put more beyond the walls!

Well, it is a downer, when I get up at night,
to fine another loss, they've lost the will to fight,
"wait until next year" will be a familar cry,
as Boston watches ball after ball enter the outfield sky!

So I think I'll take a walk, a small one is in order,
that means stopping short or the Canadian border;
that would be too far, my knees would rebel,
so I'll just hang around and watch, the Sox decent into Hell.

Let's try a different track, try to cleanse the mind,
and do some good for others, and I think I'll find...
...that it may help me, and much as it helps them,
when I push those buttons, it's a clue! Ahem, ahem.