Saturday, October 4, 2014

It's Baseball

Off the footbridge
Photo: Linda Grant-2013
  If it's baseball I watch it, doesn't matter who,
If it's baseball I watch it, any two teams will do.
There were four games played, all in a row;
it was baseball and I watched it, that's what you need to know.

So, there is no special topic for you to read today,
it was baseball and I watched it, that's what I have to say.
They put it on TV, it's there for me to see,
so I sit in my chair and watch it, they put it on for me.

Friday, October 3, 2014

1950 Ford, forever perfect

David Moore;s Ford. - click to enlarge
Photo: Mike Berry, The Wichita Eagle
  A car that's been neglected for 40 years can be a lot of work.  David Moore out Wichita way found that out while restoring this 1950 Ford Coupe.  He sure did a great job!  All redone, with a six volt siren added, this Ford shine as bright as the sun.
  These Fords have always been one of my favorites even though I never owned one, I had a '48.  It costs a lot of time, effort and money to bring one of these back.  We can all thank Mr. Moore for doing that work; his car looks wonderful.
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Sitting pretty.
Photo: Mike Berry, The Wichita Eagle
The original flathead V8 and the siren (red)
Photo: Mike Berry, The Wichita Eagle

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Just when I thought....a V8 Chain Saw

The V8 chain saw - click
Hotrod via
  A man in Australia outdid a New Zealander by building a "better V8 chain saw".  The motor is a small Honda V8 and a German gearbox with the saw attached.
  Mounted on wheels the saw seems to be good for sawing log already felled, and not for sawing down a tree.  I'm sure there is power to spare and it's a good hobby.
Cutting 'em up!
Hotrod via
A closer look
Hotrod via

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I was as surprised as you are

Hermon, Maine September 2012
Photo: Linda Grant
I was as surprised as you are when the Governor of Maine, Paul E LePage showed he was human by accepting a donation to help fight domestic violence for Subaru of Maine yesterday.

I was as surprised as you are that the Kansas City Royals beat the Oakland Athletics in the 12th inning last night in a one game playoff.  I was a little disappointed too, I was hoping for a different outcome.

I was as surprised as you are that the U S Secret Service let an armed felon on the same elevator as the President of the United States.  Shocked actually.

I was as surprised as you are that only 25 months left until the next Presidential Election that no named candidates have been named.  That's a process that usually takes four years.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

1914 Trolley crossing remembered

The first trolley crosses the Penobscot River from Brewer to Bangor in 1914
Photo: Dick Shaw collection via Bangor Daily News
  During the recent re-construction of West Market Square in Bangor, Maine workers replaced water and sewer lines.  Some of those lines dated to the end of the U S Civil War!  While doing that they also had to remove some old trolley tracks.  That set in motion a remembrance of the old Trolley System.
  The Electric trolley system included Bangor, Hampden and Old Town but the citizens of Brewer on the other side of the Penobscot River were stranded.  When a new bridge was built to replace an older bridge lost in a flood the opportunity came to cross the river.
  People in Brewer who worked in Bangor or visa versa had to walk long distances.  In the summer the Bon Ton Ferry crossed back and forth, but in winter they walked across the bridge or ice on the frozen river.
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A section of the old trolley track removed this past summer.
Photo: Nick McCrea, Bangor Daily News

Monday, September 29, 2014

It was Sunday

Dixmont, Maine 2009 - click
Photo: Linda Grant
It was Sunday, and that Paul guy and I,
took a drive, just to make time fly.
We had a destination down Winslow way;
just trying to pass time, lengthen the stay.

We drove to Newburgh and Dixmont too,
down to the horse trough that Bobby knew.
Then on to Troy and saw the Mann Hill Road,
just out cruising along without heavy load.

Right down through Unity and the Plantation too,
over to Clinton and Benton to name a few.
Fairfield was next on this particular road,
and then left turn for Winslow to take on a load.

No, not cargo the object was food,
we ate plenty and we weren't being rude.
Big G's was the place, he was there as the cook,
Paul told him how good that he made us look.

That place where the bread is eight inches square,
and your belly is tight, no room to spare.
That was the place we wanted all right,
no need for more food until it was night.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Potato harvest is underway, it's different now

Picking by hand after the digger goes through, in 1994 - click
Photo: Bangor Daily News file photo
  That's the way, right up there, the mechanical digger goes through a row and people of all ages picked by hand.  Schools in Aroostook County had a one week vacation so the school kids could pick and earn money.  It was that way for what seems forever.  Now the machinery is different and some can dig and pick up to 24 rows at a time; even in rocky Maine.  But some farms, unable to pay big money for a mechanical harvester still do it the "old-fashioned" way.
The old style digger in 1994 - click
Photo: Bangor Daily News file photo
A Potato House (storage) in the 1880's by the rail line
Photo: Penobscot Marine Museum