Monday, September 29, 2014

It was Sunday

Dixmont, Maine 2009 - click
Photo: Linda Grant
It was Sunday, and that Paul guy and I,
took a drive, just to make time fly.
We had a destination down Winslow way;
just trying to pass time, lengthen the stay.

We drove to Newburgh and Dixmont too,
down to the horse trough that Bobby knew.
Then on to Troy and saw the Mann Hill Road,
just out cruising along without heavy load.

Right down through Unity and the Plantation too,
over to Clinton and Benton to name a few.
Fairfield was next on this particular road,
and then left turn for Winslow to take on a load.

No, not cargo the object was food,
we ate plenty and we weren't being rude.
Big G's was the place, he was there as the cook,
Paul told him how good that he made us look.

That place where the bread is eight inches square,
and your belly is tight, no room to spare.
That was the place we wanted all right,
no need for more food until it was night.

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