Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday again?

It must be near the end of a week,
or Saturday, so to speak;
this will be one of those days,
because it's a Hollie Day so she says.

A little road trip is on for sure,
Brunswick, Freeport and more;
she has a reason, that she states,
but she likes to ride, when we have our "dates".

So it will be a nice ride when she sees,
autumn leaves, that are left on the trees;
they're getting thinned out now by the wind,
but then, of course, she has money to spend.

I'll tell you tomorrow, just what went on;
if I'm able to write, or, not totally gone,
but I think it'll be a very nice day,
I've been to the bank, so I can pay.

You can help animal shelters by rote,
just go, and vote!
It's just so simple and easy to do,
if I can do it, how about you?

So what's up when you're feeling blue,
after all doesn't the world revolve around you?
That's not the spirit that will help you too much,
why not try a 12 step meeting or such?'s worth it!

Friday, October 16, 2009

I saw.... on TV so it must be true,
I believe all of it, don't you?
No, I'm just kidding, just joking around;
I might believe half of what I've found.

Most of the stuff that I read,
can be thrown out without much heed;
the most honest part of the paper I see,
are the letters to editor, plain as can be.

All of the news shows on TV,
are already on the 'net for all to see;
by the time the networks brings us the "news";
most of have already decided our views.

It almost as though the newscaster reads,
stuff for yesterday paper, we get news at speeds...
...that were not possible, back in the past;
so really the "news" is "old", ain't that a blast!

Well, back to earth, I'm feeling real good,
slept in 'til midnight, just like a log of wood,
I guess I'll have to get used to more sleep,
or I could get an alarm clock: BEEP, BEEP!

I'm going to walk, and I'll dress warmer too,
yesterday 5 and and half miles were quite cool;
so I've got out my jacket, the big winter one,
I need to walk, I need it and it's fun.

Go to and you will find,
that big purple button, that I keep in my mind;
when we use that the web sponsor gives food,
to humane shelters to help feed their brood.

And try to act differently today,
better than yesterday, go all the way;
say hello or good morning or even good night,
tell your family you love them before you turn out the light.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Is it Thursday already...

don't tell me that's so,
I was just getting started and ready to go,
do stuff on Wednesday, and now it's too late,
boy oh boy, now I have to wait!
The grand dogs were here, their pictures above,
painted by granddad with a whole lot of love,
they were good boys, but they had to try hard,
just that once when they saw a cat in the yard.
We all had a good time, good visits are best,
on top of all that, I got some good rest.
Back up today at ten thirty PM,
haven't done that, since I don't know when,
But I'm ready for action, ready to go,
just have to wait six hours or so,
get in a good walk, maybe four or five miles,
then to a meeting, good friends, good smiles.
I have already pushed that button today,
hope you do too, that's all I can say;
and remember the hungry people too,
and try to see what you could do.
Be good to your neighbor, and you might have to try...
...harder with some than others, I don't know why;
but you'll find that it's worth the effort and more,
when you Live and Let Live, be your final score.
Have a great day!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's Wednesday

....already, how about that! And I'm ready to roll,
since I got up at twelve, it's time for a stroll.
I plan to go walking, just about four,
and would like to do four miles or more.

Yesterday was rainy and nearby some snow,
but before that all happened I was on the go,
got in five miles, before the rains came,
and happy to do it, and I'd do it again.

We having visitors later today,
the grand dogs are coming, hooray;
they're bring their humans if you know what I mean,
our son and his wife, Jon and Darlene.

We're going to Prospect, to visit Fort Knox,
it's old and it's huge, made with granite blocks.
and there is the Penobscot Bridge, it's new,
the observation tower will give us a view.

But before all that, I'll go to a meeting,
see all my peeps, do some greeting;
Live and Let Live that is our bid,
feel free to join us we'll be glad you did.

Push the purple button please, would you?
And don't forget people get hungry too;
you can go to and make a donation,
or you can help in a food kitchen in this great nation.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009


...was much better than the day before,
I was even smiling when I walked out the door,
the five and a half miles of good walking,
accomplished them all without even talking.

There were no games, meant to distract,
only some reading and watching of fact;
maybe that's how life should be led,
but without sports action wouldn't things be dead?

Today I plan to walk some more,
watching the weather is my morning chore,
hope that the rain starts later than six,
so I can continue to walk in the sticks.

In the meantime I've taken time,
to push the purple button, and it's not only mine,
that button is there ( for all to share,
Please visit that site and show them you care.

And help for our fellows should be one of our tasks,
reaching out and helping when we are asked;
Live and Let Live is a continuous challenge,
we always need to make sure there's balance.

Enjoy your day!

Monday, October 12, 2009


….was a day worth forgetting,
For all the troubles that it was letting,
Boil, toil and bubble, oh my, what trouble,
Worse than that! Yesterday was double.

The ballgames score after eight was six to four,
The Red Sox needed only three outs more,
I'll bet you can guess, what happened next;
FrancoMa then started his terrible hex!

He brought in the reliever Jon Papelbon,
A pitcher whose deserving of much scorn,
Together they wasted, squandered and gave..
..enough runs to give take the Sox to the grave.

Why does it matter in the great scheme of things,
What difference to me does it matter, no rings?
As a fan of the game it doesn't fit right,
To give up a series without much of a fight.

The management stinks, the bullpen smells,
Over the field the odor then swells,
It emanates from the Boston Red Sox bench!
What in the world is that horrible stench?

It's just a game right? That's what they say,
But "they" are not standing in my shoes today;
If the team doesn't feel like winning the game.
Why do I bother to soak up the blame?

So I'll move forward, look to a new day,
I'll do something to make the hurt go away;
I'll try Easy Does It, Live and Let Live,
It works if you work it, give and forgive!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


....morning, at least it is now,
I was up before it started anyhow;
a mild disappointment awaited me here,
the Phillys game was postponed, oh dear!

I did get to see the last few minutes from...
the Warriors game, and they won, they won!
Maybe there'll be a great new season,
and maybe Stephen Curry will be the reason.

You never know what going on in my head,
some of you probably look forward with dread;
but you needn't fear or go into shock,
I've got the stuff locked up in a headlock.

I've already pushed the big purple button,
you don't think they feed them dogs mutton?
No? okay then we don't need to worry;
but to help them critters, you'd better hurry.

Live and Let Live is a beautiful theme,
it should become everyone's dream;
can't you just imagine the joy,
that would befall every girl and boy?