Saturday, April 17, 2010

Waltz... around again Willy, a somewhat silly song,
I'll remember it today, while Hollie is along.
Yes! It's that time again, a co-pilot if you will,
we're looking for fun, and the battles not up hill.

I'm sure she has plans that are rather large,
she could do enough 'projects' to fill a shipping barge,
and she'll change her mind, don't want the ones she had,
let's go get a magazine, there's photos in there Dad.

I can hear it now, it's ringing in my ears,
so I might as well enjoy it, that'll bring the cheers,
the thing is that we always have a good time,
if you don't mind repeating, you won't be far behind.

But first I'll make some coffee, I'm going to do it now,
now I've gone and done it, can you hear that? Wow!
I'm looking forward to it, I love that first cup too,
but before I have that, I have things to do.

Go to the website,
and you can join me, come on! Play along.
Up there at the top, see that row of tabs?
Push each and the button, that each one has.

And please always remember one important thing,
don't be judgemental - is this a familar ring?
Live and Let Live, we don't have to be alike,
there are lot's of different people coming down the pike.


Friday, April 16, 2010

How much....

is too much?  When have I had enough?
I don't know either, but the pace is rough,
today up at twelve-thirty, that's a little late,
but I feel rested, not in an altered state.

The pace gets kind of frantic, and that's all in my head,
you see - I feel rushed, when I should be relaxed instead;
there is no simple reason for me to feel this way,
just because I'm up late, there's still time left in the day.

Maybe for me to write that, will calm my fevered brain,
that beats the alternative - crazy frantic pain.
Now I feel better I've got that off my "chest",
slow down, stay calm, you've just had a lot of rest.

Maybe I should explain the simple fix I'm in,
I have it in my brain now - that this writing should have been,
in other words, I somehow feel, that this entry's late,
I think it's too long after midnight and some of you might have to wait.

Now isn't that just stupid, how many of you are up?
waiting for this blog, not too many waiting to simply pick this up.
I know some people like to stay up late,
but I know little of it, the early bird's my fate.

Now you know why the word "ramble" is in the title here,
I ramble on forever - waiting to overcome a stupid fear,
the fear of being late - that must have a name,
like earlylatemidphobia, that sounds a little lame.

So, now the rant is over, it's coffee time all right,
then I'll push those giving buttons, and I'll do it tonight,
they are arranged in many colors, makes it easy to choose,
but I like to push them all, hey! Maybe that'll help me snooze!


Thursday, April 15, 2010

I don't....

...think I'll ever get used to, getting up a different times,
there's no single standard, no plans and no chimes;
today an hour later than the day before,
which was pretty much different than what I had in store.

Oh, I'm used to the way things are right now,
I'd just like to same time each day, so I wouldn't have a cow;
but that's not the hand I've been delt, so get used to it I say,
besides it may be boring, the same thing every day!

I finished the "Iris" painted yesterday,
think it came out better, I am happy to say,
now I'm going to work on a tractor, an old Ford,
back when they were yellow, on that you have my word.

And I'm goin walking, this weeks been really good,
five mile a day, just like I know I should,
it's pretty good stuff, for a guy my age,
adding those numbers too, I'm on my third page.

And of course the usual, coffee and meeting too,
If I don't do those things, then what would I do,
well, I'd push the buttons, do that every day,
won't you please join me, what do you say?

And learning to give anyone a chance,
and that's not always so easy, that little dance,
some folks are kinder, and some are pretty mean,
but Live and Let Live - that's the way to lean.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

As I....

...was saying, don't get used to sleeping in,
and I sure didn't, up at half past ten;
so I have a longer time to haul myself around,
until four in the morning, when I hit the ground.

Sleep just comes and goes, when I'll never know,
up at different hours has become part of the show;
don't try to understand it, it will do no good,
but, sometimes I wish, I knew where I stood.

Walking yesterday was a triffle cool,
had my winter jacket, a very useful tool,
then by ten in the morning, the coats a little warm;
so grin and bear it, first, do no harm.

The miles are going easy, what with my new shoes,
let's hope they keep making them, so that I can choose...
...what style and color, you men I have a choice?
Sure gray, blue or black - speak up, use your voice.

Today's no different, walk, coffee, talk,
I could paint the sidewalk, but I have no chalk;
maybe a few errands, walk around a bit,
then go on home, you'll get over it.

Let's go play the button game, we've done that before,
see where we wind up, it's not a heavy chore.
Just pick a place to start, it's easy, one through five,
all we can help with keeps others alive.

Don't worry 'bout that guy over there, a little different sure,
that's not the point, it doesn't matter anymore;
some folks are different, after all we're not all the same,
Live and Let Live - - - be slow to blame!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's getting....

...easy to "sleep in", until eleven-thirty,
more sleep doesn't help, I'm still not 'purty',
but it's help a lot, not to have to nap,
and it gives my bones a break, harder for them to snap.

New shoes have made a difference for my sore feet,
finally found a pair that work, when feet and pavement meet.
It was a long process, finding the right one,
now thats been settled, I'm glad that it's done.

Waiting for my coffee, God my mouth is dry,
so I'll just wait it out, not much longer or I'll cry!
I'm not too addicted, it's decaf anyway,
it makes it seem 'on schedule' for the start of the day.

Now I've gone and done it, I went a made a pot,
so all I have to do, is wait, and drink it hot.
I'm a man of habits, always do the same way,
right down to parking spots, each and every day.

Now it's time to practice, what I always preach,
I'll go and push some buttons, they're right within my reach;
it's simple, fast and easy, and I'm sure you'll join in,
look at all the good you do, always sure to win.

So, be good to you neighbors, I'm sure you have a few,
treat them with the respect, you want shown to you;
you shouldn't always be so busy, you can't smile or wave,
use your whole hand too please, and don't rant and rave.


Monday, April 12, 2010

Back to....

....almost normal, that's the thing today,
will it happen tomorrow, how can I say,
you never know from one day to the next,
will the day be good or will you be vexed?

But, today is what counts, just twenty-four hours,
that's all we have, yours, mine or ours;
so I spend it wisely, doing the right thing,
walking, meeting, learning that's what it will bring.

It's Monday, and you know the spiel,
weekends are good, workdays are real,
I've had enough sports to last for the week,
until, of course, when the scores I peek.

The Sox won another, with no help from Ortiz,
I think it best, if he would just leave;
the rest of the bunch play rather well,
pitching and hitting, and looking swell.

So before I make coffee, I'll go do my thing,
push all the buttons, it'll make you heart sing,
helping the hungry, animals too,
teaching, and helping more than a few.

Learning to live life on it's term(s),
is a valuable less that we can learn,
not everything will work out for the best,
so just be grateful for all the rest.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

A tale...

...of the dyslexic clock,
it was really quite a shock,
you see, I got up at 1:08,
thought I'd slept a little bit late.

Did a lot of my morning routine,
looked at the clock - 8:19!
since I was up, watched an inning of the game,
then when back to bed, mind in a different frame.

Now I'm up at the right time, and in the right mind,
maybe there's a reason, but none that I can find,
it's part of the process called aging I guess,
all in all what's the difference, I didn't make a mess.

Now I have coffee and all in my world is fine,
the Sox and Celtics won, so the overnight was mine.
Today I have an invitation, Staples of all places,
Family and I are really in their good graces.

Yes, I know it's just a gimmick, that they try,
but there's raffles and prizes, lose and cry;
and special prices on some items in the store,
a ten dollar gift card, maybe I'll score!

But before I do any of that, there's a chore,
pushing those buttons, like we've done before,
it's a little thing, doesn't take much time,
helping a little, gives some peace of mind.

Dare to be different!  It's your choice to make,
be a good neighbor, give some hands a shake,
smile every morning, the world is not that bad,
give it your all, there's inner peace to be had.