Saturday, December 20, 2014

It's a what?

  The New Orleans Pelicans, a team in the NBA, has a player named Anthony Davis.  He's a star player and has won awards each year he has played.  He is usually the player with the highest score each game as well as rebounds.  But he has, or doesn't have, on feature that makes him stand out.  He has no glabella.   He has been made fun of because of the lack of on of these.  Sports announcers may say something like "...Davis had 28 points and 12 rebounds and one eyebrow...  
Glabella, the space between eyebrows
  Did you ever see something that looked like a human butt?  Bumps on a tree, pumpkin or a rock.  Quite common in nature the forms are called natiform.  Now we've probably never used that word, but it's there, someone must use it.
Photo: www.

Friday, December 19, 2014

That's a lot of money for a VW, but...

A 1955 Volkswagen 23 window bus (not the subject)
  Recently, at auction, a bus similar to the photo sold for $245,000.00.  The 1955 VW bus, 23 windows and all was fully restored.  Torn down piece by piece all parts were fully restored, so maybe it was a fair price.  It was a lot of work after all.  And this is a highly collectable and sought after model.
  Read more:
The Spartan interior (actual bus)
Engine in the rear and a spare tire too!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

What about this?

You know, there's not much to write about, on days like this,
now it's still snowing, not much you see, but it didn't miss.
Just enough of it so a cleanup is in the works,
those lying "weathermen"! What a bunch of jerks.

When they say "it's a total miss" then you should look out,
because, you see, those kinds of storms, carry quite a clout.
This one is kind of tiny when measured up against the rest,
Ol' Man Winter hasn't given us his very, very best.

So I'll go about my business, coffee and a list.
And if I'm gone an extra hour that is time not missed.
Go get the broom and shovel, oh, and take out the trash,
it's just a little snow.  No call for something rash.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Can I remember and remember when

Ladies sell Christmas Seals in Bangor, Maine 1952
Photo: Spike Webb, Bangor Daily News
  Christmas Seals started to be sold to fight Tuberculosis and to help fund Sanatoriums around the Country.  The Organization currently operates as the American Lung Association which promotes lung health and helps fund the fight against lung cancers.
Christmas shoppers in Downtown Bangor 1954
Photo: Paul Marcoux, Bangor Daily News
  Shopping at W T Grant and Co. stores was a big deal in the 50's and 60's.  The company simply "overbuilt".  Makes me wonder about Wal-Mart, will they ever overbuild?
Photo: Yahoo Sports
  Yes! Baseball season is only a few short years (I mean months) away.
  Now, what happened yesterday:  I was rushed for time, sort of and I simply forgot.  I know, I know that's hard to believe, but it's true.  I did remember after I'd driven about five miles towards town.  Oh well.  And....the cell phone works fine; it was an "ownership" problem

Monday, December 15, 2014

The new cell phone

I bought a new cell phone, I know nothing about,
it's been quite a process; I'm ready to shout.
It took 3 days to switch over the number
right now that's about all that I can remember.

I wanted it to be easier to text,
so that's what brought on this terrible hex.
Now I have to learn to use "a mobile device",
after using a plain one that still worked quite nice.

I'm sure that with time it'll all work out,
that may be when you'll hear my next shout.
It's got all of these features by Android and such,
probably I won't use many of them much.

I want to text on a much larger screen,
and maybe make calls somewhere in between.
Texting is necessary for a couple of friends,
and I'm like a diver.  I'm getting the bends!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Which job is number one, in your State?

Here's the list - click
  Each State has a distinctive occupation, it's listed for your state on the map.  In Maine the job that most identifies the State is Logger, or maybe more correctly Logging Equipment Operator, most of the work is done by machines (harvesters).
  It's a surprise that Farmer isn't more popular in states like Nebraska or North Dakota; isn't that where most of our food comes from?  But I guess Farmer isn't a distinctive occupation - but it should be.
  The article, in the Bangor Daily News also list on map of trees per person.  When you see that maybe it makes sense to list "logger".
Trees per person (northern) - click
Source: USDA via Bangor Daily News
Read the article: