Thursday, December 18, 2014

What about this?

You know, there's not much to write about, on days like this,
now it's still snowing, not much you see, but it didn't miss.
Just enough of it so a cleanup is in the works,
those lying "weathermen"! What a bunch of jerks.

When they say "it's a total miss" then you should look out,
because, you see, those kinds of storms, carry quite a clout.
This one is kind of tiny when measured up against the rest,
Ol' Man Winter hasn't given us his very, very best.

So I'll go about my business, coffee and a list.
And if I'm gone an extra hour that is time not missed.
Go get the broom and shovel, oh, and take out the trash,
it's just a little snow.  No call for something rash.

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