Monday, December 15, 2014

The new cell phone

I bought a new cell phone, I know nothing about,
it's been quite a process; I'm ready to shout.
It took 3 days to switch over the number
right now that's about all that I can remember.

I wanted it to be easier to text,
so that's what brought on this terrible hex.
Now I have to learn to use "a mobile device",
after using a plain one that still worked quite nice.

I'm sure that with time it'll all work out,
that may be when you'll hear my next shout.
It's got all of these features by Android and such,
probably I won't use many of them much.

I want to text on a much larger screen,
and maybe make calls somewhere in between.
Texting is necessary for a couple of friends,
and I'm like a diver.  I'm getting the bends!

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  1. Must be nice to be able to get rid of that rotary phone you carried around with....a lot lighter I bet....just caught another of your rambles so thought I would give out a to