Saturday, September 19, 2009


...been given this day, could have used a little more night,
up at ten-thirty, it'll be a long day all right;
I will probably get some nap time, between now and daylight,
that would go a long way towards starting this off right.

Today is a Hollie day, and you know what the means,
we'll camp out at Staples and fulfill her dreams,
there will be more plastic - heated and applied,
maybe even ten thousand sheets, no forget that, I lied!

It's not really a challenge, to hang out with her,
just roll with the punches and it becomes a blurr,
try to control the purse strings, keep the spending in line;
and she'll just end up with what's hers and half of mine.

All of this I wrote above, it's nothing but fluff,
I truly enjoy Hollie and her stuff,
it's just that I have a mind cramp, No really I'm fine;
I was just trying to fill in all the line(s)!

And if you have something that you're going to do,
I hope it is enjoyable and a pleasant thing for you;
it's always very helpful, to laugh a time or two,
won't we be amazed - before we're halfway through.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Is it....

....Friday already, boy the week went fast,
it seems to have just started, now it is past;
I don't know how things happen the way that they do,
guess I'll leave all that stuff up to YOU!

It's been a great week, good walking weather,
of course you can run, but I know better.
The weathers been fine, I've grown to like it,
just a little cool now, but we're going to get bit.

I've averaged seven miles, per day this week,
so far at last, today is a maybe because as we speak,
I have plans to go see the Red Cross blood bank;
after the meeting, then walking's a blank.

I'll get five miles in, like I do every day,
before the meeting, I'll be making hay;
it's a wonderful thing, you should try it you know,
take yourself with you, where ever you go. is the place,
where you can help those not in the human race,
they need and they trust us, to do what is right,
they don't need to suffer, if we do what's right!

And please remember, the rest of us to,
we can't make it, if we don't have you,
and if you're under some kind of attack,
it works if you work it, keep coming back!


Thursday, September 17, 2009


...a little chilly this morning,
it come with proper warning;
wear a coat and wear a hat,
fall weather is where it's at.

That being said we should expect,
the weather comes and we respect;
the wonder of nature at it's best,
when the leaves turn color, before they rest.

Yesterday was very quiet, and I could relax,
walking over seven miles without heart attacks;
today is just beginning as I write this piece,
and I just want for you some love and peace.

If you ever wonder, what should I give,
to my fellow citizens in this city where I live;
be a friend to someone, you have a lot to give,
simply practice this: Live and Let Live!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009


..Red Sox won another game, I suppose that was the plan,
Daisuke Matsuzaka was pitching like the man,
how long will it last I wonder, before being gored by the ox;
that's the way life is for fans of the Red Sox.

By the way I'm pleased that they are on a streak,
I only hope that it goes on, at least another week.
Now I'll change the subject, and focus on the real;
sometimes I just have to vent, and tell you how I feel.

I slept in again, until quarter of eleven,
that's better than up at ten, it's not quite heaven;
sleeping is a funny thing, sometimes in my chair,
I dream, it's almost real, but there's nobody there.

Yesterday was frantic (?) the the morning times,
you never know what Peggy has 'til the opening line;
we managed to get all of her stuff done,
then it was my errands and most of them were fun.

Today's a different story, I know nothing about now,
I'll walk and go into a meeting so I can lean how;
others talk of dreams, history and such,
you know, at those meetings you can handle much.

And don't forget the critters, they're calling out your name,
please push the purple button, if to you it's all the same;
and don't forget that people get hungry too,
take a look at and see what you can do.

You don't have to hurry, take time to think things through,
don't make a hasty decision that in time could hurt you;
so just Easy Does It, may be the motto best for you,
do it easy, but do it! Does that make sense to you?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Different..., still in some kind of heaven,
and I did not get up at eleven,
I did, I missed eleven, if you know what I mean,
instead I got up at ten fifteen!

So the day will be a little bit longer,
who cares? It might make me stronger;
and it's a day that I get to share,
pick up Peggy and take her somewhere.

Then there are many errands to run,
back home for lunch, see good guys have fun.
I'll miss the meeting and I have a mind;
to get Peggy to make appointments at a different time!

Not much has happened since yesterday,
we had a good meeting, that I can say;
worked on a painting of a small dog,
went to bed "early" and slept like a log.

This morning I remembered those little critters,
down on their luck, wondering their whithers;
but to help them it's one easy fix,
put purple buttons into the mix.

And, if at a meeting, you meet somebody new,
try to make a new friends, they may have few;
do you remember what it was like to be new?
Please tell them 'this chair's for you'!

Monday, September 14, 2009


...again at eleven, there's no end in sight,
just get up every day and turn on the mental light,
there is no need to worry, all is okay and right;
but, sometimes, I'm sure ready, when the day turns into night!

Today I don't have many plans at all,
I will go to a meeting, I will not start a brawl;
I will go and do my walk, at dawns early light,
I'll do my best at everything and try to make things right.

I've pushed that purple button, it's always on,
just go to
You won't need any money, that is always free;
it's just that these animals depend on you and me.

And remember that Easy Does It, comes with a clue,
Easy Does It, but do it! That mean me and you.
Practice the principals, in all of our affairs,
maybe some service work, like setting up the chairs.

Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

It seems like....

...this is morning, early in the AM,
of course I've been awake awhile, so I know who I am;
and that doesn't matter much, in the great scheme of things,
I'm ready for this new day, and whatever it brings.

I will walk, just a little, sore muscle yesterday,
but I am determined that I will have my walking way.
Then a couple of errands on my list;
well I guess you get the gist.

It was quiet yesterday and today looks to be the same,
I hope to have a nice lunch, and watch the Red Sox game.
Of course there is football, the seasons under way;
but I can watch football after baseball's put away.

I have remembered, every day, to push the purple button,
please tell me that you too have not forgotten.
It is an important thing to take care of each other;
yes, even us, all grown up and taught by mother.

And we have the slogan; First Things First,
that could keep you guessing, and increase the thirst...
...for knowledge in a program, a nice 12 step group will do,
you can even make a difference in the you in you!

Have a wonderful day!