Friday, October 10, 2014

Just another day. Almost.

Winterport, 2012
Photo: the geezer hisself
No.  It's not just another day,
probably it's like some others in every way.
My back is acting up like it has before,
I'm in for the duration, but it's sore.

I have an appointment at four PM,
but not for my back, it may work by then.
And my mouth is still sore and without teeth,
Am I going to get out from underneath?

Oh, yeah.  I'll bet better in just a few days,
but not by laying outdoors in the suns rays.
It's about thirty-five degrees right now,
but it's not snowing, no need for a plow!

I'll keep you informed in my usual manner,
and not by an airplane towing a banner.
So keep tuned in, things will improve,
it's just that right now it's hard to move.

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