Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A country fair and life events

Autumn says "goodbye" to Pedro
Photo: Troy R Bennett, Bangor Daily News
  At the fairs in Maine each year there are auctions that sell off the beef and lamb raised by kids, usually in the 4H programs, it's a life altering event sometimes.  Like Autumn in the photo the kids have to say goodbye to a good chunk of their young life's work.  I went through the experience with three sheep of my own.  I still won't eat mutton or lamb, but then again I never liked it to begin with.
  Here at the Fryeburg Fair, the last held in Maine each year, there were auctions and other things that involve animals.  Horses work pulling, along with oxen.  Hens, rooster, rabbits and all other types of animals are a large part of the whole affair.
  Read more, see more: http://bangordailynews.com/slideshow/from-steer-to-horses-farm-animals-are-heart-of-the-fryeburg-fair/
Dock and Trouble get some exercise.
Photo: Troy R Bennett, Bangor Daily News
October is Domestic Violence Month

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