Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Digging up bones. Whale bones.

Volunteers in the hole
Photo: Tim Cox, Bangor Daily News
  A whale washed ashore on Mowry Beach in Lubec, Maine 20 years ago.  It was buried on the spot as a means of disposal.  Now a group of volunteers, mostly students, are digging through the remains for the bones.  The bones will be re-assembled and shown in a local museum.
  Staff of the College of the Atlantic and the University of Maine, Machais are supervising the work done mostly by students.  It is not an easy task, the remains still smell strongly of the rotting flesh of the 54 foot long Finback Whale.  But work is progressing at each low tide.
A vertebra
Photo: Tim Cox, Bangor Daily News
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Photo: Tim Cox, Bangor Daily News


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