Monday, September 15, 2014

It was Sunday!

It was a Sunday in September what more can I say,
it was very busy, more than some other day.
There was a meeting at eleven, and an afternoon of sports;
how could I possibly be ready, but I'm not out of sorts.

There is no central topic on this blog today,
no sticking conversation, not a thought that will stay,
I was busy watching baseball, football and the golf - all three,
I put the remote through hell while watching my TV.

More time than not watching people hit the ball,
not baseball this day, golf got the call.
I was cheering on the old guy, 44 years old,
and kind of disappointed when he was left out cold.

The Red Sox won their game, it doesn't make a difference now,
and the Patriots knocked off the Vikings an NFL scared cow,
so now we're all waiting for baseballs biggest deal,
the playoffs will begin, and it be winter and we have time to heal.

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