Sunday, September 14, 2014

I like cars, automobiles too!

Exchange Street, Bangor, Maine c1938
Photo: Bangor Daily News file photo
  In 1938 traffic was pretty heavy in Bangor.  Workers during the week, and some shoppers too and on the weekend (well Saturday then) shoppers filled the downtown.  No, the mall area was a dairy farm then.  Gas cost twenty cents a gallon.  Wilbur was born in 1938.
Central Street, Bangor, Maine in 1958
Photo: Bangor Daily News file photo
  I'm guessing this photo was taken on a Saturday, by then the Airport Mall shopping area was open but still most shopping took place downtown.  Central Street is still busy now during the week, but weekends are fairly slow except for Bagel Central on Sunday and the Rock and Art shop both days.
Gas cost twenty-four cents in 1958.  I graduated from high school and joined the Navy that year.
Main Street, Bangor, Maine c1964
Photo: Carroll Hall via Bangor Daily News
  I'm thinking this was weekday traffic, the Bangor Mall was open but W T Grant and Freeses remained downtown and the Parking Garage was in the works - but not open yet.  Gas cost thirty cents in 1964 and I was in my second year in Japan and very busy.

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