Saturday, September 13, 2014

A study long over due? The Partridge (Ruffled Grouse)

Maine State Wildlife Biologist Sullivan with a study subject
Photo: Brian Feulner, Bangor Daily News
  The State of Maine is studying the Ruffled Grouse (Partridge) a very common bird in Maine Woods.  Why?  Just because it's never been done before.  So, they received a $190,000. grant for the project.
  To be honest, the study isn't really needed.  Most people who hunt or grew up in Maine country towns are well aware of Partridge.  They've been served on many dinner tables.  Partridge was a staple for lumberjacks in the woods camps in the past, often cooked right in the pot with bean hole beans (a very common meal).
  So, now the State in all it's glory will spend the money to find out that when one of the birds fly up in front of you it will startle you.   I used to come across them while walking the rail-trail in Medford; they will just sit until you nearly step on it and they with a great deal of noise take off leaving the victim (me) with an improved pulse rate!  And to think when I was a kid I could get a shot off with my trusty 410 gauge shotgun.
Fitted with a radio collar, ready for release
Photo: Brian Feulner, Bangor Daily News

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