Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I'm traveling today........

Work continues on the Capitol dome in Augusta
Photo: Scott Thistle, Lewiston Sun Journal and that girl,
she wants to give September a whirl,
a vacation day, that's what it is for her;
giving two cities in Maine a quick blur.

We're going to Belfast, it's right on the way,
but it's one place to stop, she has the say.
Then on to Rockland - Staples is there,
that's the real reason we go anywhere.

The off to Augusta, use route seventeen,
and we'll see some of the towns that lie in between.
Right into Augusta, to Target - the store,
don't miss a chance to spend a little bit more.

And they have a Staples too, it's not by chance
we'll give that laminating machine a real reason to dance!
Then on towards home, it's the end of a day,
and a good time by all, she's had her say.


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