Thursday, September 11, 2014

Was it worth...

Progress on the Dome Sept 10, 2014
Photo: the geezer hisself
...the trip, you ask?
Was it you who was up to the task?
Traveling 200 miles, like a trip there and back?
Oh sure you say it's worth it all, yessir all of there and back.

We went to check on the Capitol Dome,
which isn't really too far from home.
The top is done, new copper can be seen,
all shiny pretty, and it looks oh-so-very clean.

The old stuff just plain wore out,
holes big as dimes made a water spout.
It needed replacement after 100 years or so,
No one was too sad, to see it go.

And the trip was nice the air was good,
and I knew ahead, it was understood;
it was her day for vacation, she had it planned.
It went off without a hitch, it's been canned.
The old Dome
Photo: Troy R Bennett, Bangor Daily News

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