Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Helping the Dunlin

Dunlin - a shore bird - click to enlarge
Photo: www.wiki.org
Two California Rice growers open the gate of a dam
Photo: Lisa Park, The Nature Conservancy
  I found these photos, and an article, on www.sfgate.com (San Francisco Chronicle) but now I can't recover the photo spread.  So - let me explain.
  The Dunlin is an endangered species and needs a wet environment to breed and thrive.  The two California rice growers let the water run from their properties to help save the birds.  Now, the farmers have lost the wet land type conditions needed to raise their crops.  They considered the sacrifice worth the loss to help recover an endangered species.
A flock takes flight - click to enlarge
Photo: Drew Kelley, The Nature Conservancy

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