Sunday, April 27, 2014

Whales in the Penobscot!

A Beluga Whale in the Penobscot at Bangor, Maine April 26 1954
Photo: Bangor Daily News file photo
  Sixty years ago a large white "creature" was seen swimming in the Penobscot River at Bangor.  The "creature" was identified as a Beluga Whale.  The animal would swim between the old iron Bangor Bridge, which has since been replace by the Penobscot Bridge and the old Waterworks Dam.  People would line the river banks on both sides, and of course crowded the sidewalks on the bridge.
  A couple of days later the whale was joined by another, smaller Beluga Whale.  Officials became worried about crowd control and the safety of the whales.  All of those concerns ended on May 2nd when the whales made their way down river to the Gulf of Maine and their salt water home.
People watch from the bridge.
Bangor Daily News file photo.
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