Friday, November 22, 2013


  Well yesterday turned out to be just a bit too long.  As a result there's no particular subject to write about today.  You see the day was long but not very interesting.
  This is the 50th anniversary of President John F Kennedy's death but you've heard about that for the last two weeks; on the nightly news as if it just happened.  They put that on each night at the expense of covering news that was really, for want of a better word, news.  I think his death should be mentioned on the occasion of the actual anniversary, today, but not for two or three weeks before and after.
  On that particular day a friend of mine, Donald D Greene and I were busy drinking beer at a hotel in Japan - there's a time difference - and we really didn't know until the next morning, or a few hours, after the death was announced.
  I noted this morning that steps were taken to remember JFK in Japan, they were charmed by him, and at his death the Japanese flags were flown at half mast.

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  1. instead of watching the nightly news you need to watch Fox News at least they
    are fair and do not suck up to the President or any party. Wilbur