Saturday, October 5, 2013

They still ain't playing

A view from Acadia National Park
Maine Office of Tourism
    Chet and Parker probably won't play together for ten or twelve more days, they like to add a little mystery to their stubbornness. (got caught there with the last word, there are two b's)
    Meanwhile the world goes on without Chet and Parker, some people are starting to miss them, and some are sleeping through it.
    If you're among those of us who are awake maybe you're watching baseball.  Oh what a game the Red Sox wielded on the Rays yesterday.  I caught the first inning in the car, waiting for my wife to finish at the doctors.  It was a joyous occasion in front of the TV for the rest of it.  I'm still cheering!
    My wife went for more injections in/on or about her neck, she had no feeling at bedtime from her neck and down the arm on one side, we'll see what's up this AM when she's up, it's only 2:45AM now, most people sleep through that.
    Going to spend the day with Hollie, and I'm sure it'll be the same old thing, which is entertaining for me, as long as the wallet will take it.

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