Monday, September 30, 2013

Who's playing fair?

Fall.   photo by Linda Grant
  Parker said that Chet wasn't playing fair.  Chet said he was playing fair, only he was playing a different game that Parker had no interest in.
  That last sentence sums up the Legislative Branch of our Federal Government in a way a fourth grader could understand it.  The problem is the fourth grader could understand it, but the people in Congress can't.  Five years at One Hundred Seventy Thousand dollars plus, or over a Million Dollars in pay for nothing. Nothing.  Nothing.
  Children bickering just like Parker and Chet and We The People are paying for that?
'nuff said.

  I'm working on a watercolor of that photo at the top, I'll try to share it when it's done, I'm over half way there.

  The Red Sox continue play on Friday, they will host the eventual winner of the Wild Card play.  There has been a 163rd game added to the regular schedule for today when Texas and Tampa Bay play one game.  The winner of the Texas/Tampa game will play in Cleveland on Tuesday to determine the American League Wildcard team that will pay Boston.
  In the National League Cincinnati and Pittsburg will play on Tuesday for the Wildcard Team to continue playing.
  I have some mixed feelings this year, I am a Red Sox fan, but I went to High School in Cincinnati and a suburb.  I spent nine years in either Oakland or Alameda and attended A's games when the team moved to town, and I've always kind of rooted for Pittsburg - it's the underdog thing.  So I could be happy if anyone but the Dodgers win.  But Boston is still number one.


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