Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Now what?

  Well it appears Parker and Chet quit playing their game(s), and have locked themselves in their respective rooms.  Now what?  That's anyone's guess.

  What the hell is it with the apostrophes?  Spell check wants one in rather it needs to be there or not; the word anyone's in the previous sentence didn't need one, it is not anyone is, nor is it a possessive word (could be).  Ideas?

  I took Hollie on one of her vacation days last month, here's what happened on our way home:

We were coming home on one of those big roads and got to where it was joined by another big road.  The yellow sign said "Cars $1.00" so when we got to the gate I asked the lady if I could see some of them one dollar cars, this is how that went.

"Could I see some of those one dollar cars?"

"Sir, the one dollar is for a toll, to go through the gate."

"So...you mean I have to pay a dollar to see the dollar cars?  Why don't you just change the sign to read Cars $2.00?"

"Sir there aren't any one dollar cars.  You pay a dollar to use this road!"

"Ain't that false advertising?"

"Just pay the dollar, and be on your way"

"Well, I ain't going to pay to see nothing!"

At that point she said just to go ahead, but she took a picture of my car and the number plate too.  She stated that I'd hear from somebody later, probably in the mail.

I can't wait to see what kind of car I get!

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