Monday, December 10, 2012

A peek at World War One

Oct. 1, 1918 in Downtown Seattle,
photo taken during a War Bond Drive
  1918 was a long time ago, my Dad who would be 100 now was only six when that photo was taken and probably no one who reads this blog will have any memory of being there.
  My fathers "Uncle" Fred, a family friend, joined the French Army before the United States got involved in that war; he drove a battlefield ambulance.  As a civilian he gave piano lessons (to me for five or six years, I can't play) and was an organist at a Rochester, NH church.
  I found this group of photos and thought WOW I don't have to do much work with this!  So here they are enjoy a look back.  Click on the photos to enlarge
Sailors and civilians participate in the Bond Drive
2nd and Marion Streets, Oct. 28, 1918
The Soldier in the large photo was the "thermometer"
on the amount collected.
U S Navy recruits from the Naval Training Station, Seattle
marching on Sept. 19. 1917.  I think those are '02
Springfield Rifles they're carrying, the same ones we
used in 1958!

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