Sunday, December 9, 2012

Phoo-phoo juice and exotic cars

A gift idea - click to enlarge
  If you hadn't noticed it will be Christmas this month, your friendly retailer has been telling you for the past six months.  Do you have your shopping done?
  There are sooo many gift ideas to cover, but I will give you a few:
   Exotic Automobiles:  It's the name that sell the machine, words like Coupe de Elegance (pronounced cooo-pay d ellie-gannance); you see a name like that adds big bucks to the price, but what the heck it's Christmas.
   Foo-foo juice:  You know parfume, eau de cologne and crap like that.  It is the amount of money divided by the tiny amount in the bottle that counts here, the equivalent of 1 ounce should costs about one thousand bucks (US).  Yes, yes even it it's made in China!
High fashion eye-glasses. click to enlarge
  Of course there are many other (expensive) choices, here are but a few:
Rings, purses (clutches), and bracelets - click to enlarge
Is your shopping done?  I hope I have been helpful.

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