Saturday, December 15, 2012

It's not named for Buster

The Alameda Portal for the Posey Tube - click to enlarge photo
  Shortly after the Holland Tunnel opened in New York City, the nation's second oldest tunnel project opened on October 27, 1928 - The Posey Tube.
  Posey connects the island city Alameda with Oakland's downtown section.  There was, before the tube, a swing bridge.  The bridge hindered navigation of ocean going ships and needed to be replaced.  The Surveyor of Alameda County, George Posey, suggested the tube.  Mr. Posey oversaw the construction of his namesake.  Are you homesick Wilbur?
  Just as an aside; you can get really dirty walking through the tube when you're drunk and wearing a white shirt - I know.
Under construction- the concrete tube is
submerged, a complicated process.
An article from the San Francisco Chronicle about
the opening of the Posey Tube.

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