Thursday, December 13, 2012

Think first, Act later

An early photo of Pioneer Square, Seattle.  Note the Totem Pole
in the center, and early vehicles. - click to enlarge
  Pioneer Square is one of Seattle's early centers as a city.  It was, in my opinion, a very classy place in the early days - long before my time. 
  As will often happen the area decayed with neglect and when "Urban Renewal" came along the whole shebang almost got the wrecking ball.  What a shame that would have been.  Pioneer Sqare was spared from the program.  Other cities haven't been as lucky; Portland and Bangor Maine both lost Union Stations, the old passenger rail terminals.  Other cities lost valuable history too.
  I'll try to show the photos in some sort of order. Please click to enlarge on any or all.
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  I will be "venting" at the end of todays session.
A bus, taxi, livery stop.  Also an undated early photo.
By 1975 when this photo was taken you could see
the deterioration of the area.
After the "renewal" people visit the Grand Central Arcade Occidental Park
in Pioneer Square in this 1991 photo
Now I can vent.  I read an article this morning, about 1:45AM, about the noise a passenger train makes in Brunswick Maine.  A writer decried the fact of "very early morning noise - usually 5 to 7 AM!  Can you even imagine calling 5 to 7 AM "early morning".  I can't.  That's damned near my lunch time.  As for noise in Brunswick; did they so soon forget the Navy aircraft that were based there?

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