Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I can almost see what I'm writing

Take a close look
Photo: PPH
  I moved a little too sideways yesterday morning so it was back to taking the muscle relaxer.  The result was less pain but the blurred vision came calling too.  I can see what I'm doing but have to watch closely right now.  No trouble with distance so driving isn't any danger, it's just reading and writing.
  A friend of my wife sent her a listing on interested stuff everyday if you have time to spare.  Here's an example:
  In a article on aging it was noted that as we grow older lists become more common.
  A man told his wife he was going to the kitchen.  She asked that he bring her some ice cream.  He didn't need to write that down he said, then she added strawberries and whipped cream.  He still contended he didn't need to write that down, he could remember that he said. 
  He appeared twenty minutes later and handed his wife an empty plate.  To which she replied.
  "Where's my toast?"

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