Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sleeping in......

......ahh, it felt so good,
at 11:15 though, I got up like I should.
You know what Mr. Franklin said,
get up early or stay in bed?

Yesterday was a quiet day,
didn't do much, which is to say;
A little walking here and there,
not far enough to go anywhere.

Home all day, did some art,
doesn't look right, maybe take it apart.
Read a book until the end.
Little stir crazy, but not around the bend.

Today is back to a meeting,
be glad to see friends and greeting.
Home for lunch you can be sure.
Beat mosquitoes to the door.

Sure be happy to see July go,
either wet or hot, never just so.
Don't like it hot, don't like it wet,
dry and seventy is as good as it can get.

Not likely to happen this July,
let this whole month go, let it fly.
I know August will be hot,
and I won't like it, but it's what we've got!

Go into a gentle day,
and please don't forget to say,
Hello or goodbye, please and thanks;
even if you meet up with cranks :)

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