Friday, July 31, 2009

I guess...

...I'd better get used to,
getting up late, two days in a row,
what the heck is going on,
is what I want to know.

Waking up when it's past eleven,
is starting to be routine,
but I wonder just how long it's going to last;
knowing my historical past.

I did get in some walking, partly in the rain,
don't like dodging raindrops, it's such a pain.
Oh sure, I've got and umbrella, and I wear a hat;
but it's just not the same walking, when you do it like that.

Then I went to a meeting, a favorite of mine,
and I have to wonder, why people don't get there on time.
It's really not worth the hassle, or anything like that,
it's good that they got to the meeting, let's leave it at that.

Today is for a morning with Hollie, up to her usual tricks,
she will have me going to get her in the sticks.
When we arrive where ever we're going, and we won't be late.
Some paper and some plastic, are going to meet their fate.

No meeting and not too much walking all in one short day,
that's they way it's going to be there's nothing left to say,
but have yourself a good one, make sure the critters get their click.
and be good to one another, that will do the trick.

I've been thinking of making another whole new blog.
Separate from this one, so as this space not to hog.
It'll be about a friend of mine, with very large feet.
a guy from the high desert, Tehachapi Pete.

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